Active Ingredient(s): Beractant
FDA Approved: * July 1, 1991
Pharm Company: * ROSS LABS
Category: Respiratory Failure

Beractant, also known by the trade name of Survanta, is a modified bovine pulmonary surfactant containing bovine lung extract (phospholipids, neutral lipids, fatty acids, and bovine surfactant proteins), to which synthetic DPPC, tripalmitin and palmitic acid are added. The composition provides 25mg/mL phospholipids, 0.5 to 1.75mg/mL triglycerides, 1.4 to 3.5mg/mL free fatty acids, and [1] As an intratracheal suspension, it can be used for the prevention and treatment of neona... [wikipedia]

* May have multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or labelers.

Dosage List

Survanta 25 mg/ml Endotracheal Suspension
NDC: 0074-1040
Abbvie Inc.