Sodium Iodide I-131

FDA Approved: * January 24, 2003
Pharm Company: * DRAXIMAGE
Category: Thyroid

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Sodium Iodide I-131 Overview

Sodium iodide (chemical formula NaI) is an ionic compound formed from the chemical reaction of sodium metal and iodine. Under standard conditions, it is a white, water-soluble solid comprising a 1:1 mix of sodium cations (Na+) and iodide anions (I−) in a crystal lattice. It is used mainly as a nutritional supplement and in organic chemistry. It is produced industrially as the salt formed when acidic iodides react with sodium hydroxide.[11] It is a chaotropic salt. Conte...

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Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

Sodium Iodide I-131
  • Capsule: 0.009-0.1mci, 1-1,000uci/1ml, 100mci, 100uci, 1mil, 2-200mci, 9-100mci
  • Injection: 1mil/ml
  • Solution: 1-1000mci/ml, 1-250mci/0.25ml, 1-500mci/0.5ml, 250-1000mci, 2mil + 4.2mg + 2.48mg
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NDC Database Records for Sodium Iodide I-131: (14 results)

Sorted by National Drug Code
  • 0019-9450 Sodium Iodide I-131 5 mci/Ml Oral Solution by Mallinckrodt Inc.
  • 0019-9451 Sodium Iodide I-131 25 mci/Ml Oral Solution by Mallinckrodt Inc.
  • 0019-9452 Sodium Iodide I 131 (Iodide Ion I-131 1 Mci In 1 Ml) by Mallinckrodt Inc.
  • 0019-N450 Sodium Iodide I-131 5 mci/Ml Oral Solution by Mallinckrodt Inc.
  • 0019-N452 Sodium Iodide I 131 (Iodide Ion I-131 1 Mci In 1 Ml) by Mallinckrodt Inc.
  • 51808-119 I 131 Mini (Sodium Iodide I-131 500 Mci) by Anazaohealth Corporation
  • 65174-461 Sodium Iodide I 131 Diagnostic (Sodium Iodide I-131 100 Mci) by Jubilant Draximage Inc.
  • 65174-880 Hicon 1 mci/Ml Oral Solution by Jubilant Draximage Inc.
  • 69208-000 Sodium Iodide I-131Sodium Iodide I-131 Kit by International Isotopes Inc
  • 69208-001 I3odine Maxtm 3500 mci/Ml Oral Solution by International Isotopes Inc
  • 69208-005 Sodium Iodide I-131 3500 mci/Ml Oral Solution, Concentrate by International Isotopes Inc
  • 69945-450 Sodium Iodide I-131 5 mci/Ml Oral Solution by Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine LLC
  • 69945-451 Sodium Iodide I-131 25 mci/Ml Oral Solution by Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine LLC
  • 69945-452 Sodium Iodide I 131 1 mci/Ml Oral Capsule, Gelatin Coated by Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine LLC

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