Potassium Chloride

Active Ingredient(s): Potassium
FDA Approved: * May 25, 1971
Pharm Company: * BAXTER HLTHCARE
Category: Potassium Levels

* This drug may consist of multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or distributors. If applicable, they would be listed below under "NDC Database Records".

Potassium Chloride Overview

Potassium chloride (KCl, or potassium salt) is a metal halide salt composed of potassium and chlorine. It is odorless and has a white or colorless vitreous crystal appearance. The solid dissolves readily in water, and its solutions have a salt-like taste. Potassium chloride can be obtained from ancient dried lake deposits.[7] KCl is used as a fertilizer,[8] in medicine, in scientific applications, and in food processing, where it may be known as E number additi...

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Potassium chloride SA vs ER?

I was looking for information and discounts on Potassium chloride SA 10 meq CR capsules and only found info on Potassium chloride ER. What is the difference? What does the SA mean? ## These are all just abbreviations that designate it as being a time released formulation, the CR stands for controlled release, SA stands for Sustained Action, and ER stands for Extended Release. There are actually many different abbreviations that are used, but they all mean the same thing. Unfortunately, this results in a lot of confusion for many doctors and patients. If you read the NIH research studies, you will see that such large doses of potassium cannot be taken in just one dose due to how harsh they are on the stomach, thus all such prescription tablets are time released. The harshness is also why...

Ethex 001 clear capsule

I have a clear capsule with Ethex and 001 on it. Can you tell me what this is and what it is used for? Thank you. ## The pill in description is Potassium Chloride SR 10 MEQ (NDC 58177-001). Potassium chloride has many uses such as being a sodium-free substitute for table salt (sodium chloride). Research I have gathered states that this pill works by providing a direct replacement of potassium in the body. Inactive Ingredients: - Calcium Stearate - Gelatin - Isopropyl Alcohol - Pharmaceutical Glaze - Povidone - Sugar Spheres - Talc Potassium chloride is in the class of drugs called potassium supplements that are used to prevent hypokalaemia. NOTE: Orally, KCl is toxic in excess. ## After reading all of the questions and replies, I am still mildly confused as to the difference if any in ...

white oblong pill 10 p on one side blank other

The pill is very small and is about same size & shape of an over the counter Reactine Allergy pill. One side of the pill is blank and on the other side there is a 10 and a P, separated by a line. ## Please if someone can please help me out, I have a small white on one side is a small 10 on the other side is blank ## @Angie, A white oval/oblong pill marked P 10 is reportedly identified as Potassium Chloride Extended-Release 10 mEq (750 mg); used for treating hypokalemia and preventing Potassium deficiencies. NDC: 40032-915 Labeler: Novel Laboratories, Inc. Markings: P10 Shapes: Oval Colors: White Size (mm): 17 Inactive Ingredients: -Cellulose, Microcrystalline -Croscarmellose Sodium -Ethylcellulose (45 Mpa.s) -Triethyl Citrate -Alcohol -Isopropyl Alcohol Hope this helps! ## No, this ...

potassium chloride 5 mg equivalent

How much mEq would equal 5 mg of potassium? There was a problem with my 12 year old's rx from the dr. He is on it to prevent kidney stones and cant pick it up till like June. I was wondering until then what do i do with the mEq over the counter? ## 5mgs of Potassium converts to 0.128 mEq according to this converter. What was the problem with the Rx that is delaying your being able to pick it up? That doesn't make sense, if there are issues, they should be able to contact his doctor for a solution.


found pill that is oblong,white, chalky has letters ABRS 123 ## This is generic potassium chloride extended release tablets 25mgeq, for the name brand Slow-K and a host of others. It is used to regulate one's potassium salts or levels. Look for tarry stools, blood in stools, stomach ache, heart palpitations. ## Sorry, my mistake...it is 20mgeq per pill. ## How long ABRS-123 shelf life ## The identification provided is correct, it is a 20mEq tablet. NDC: 62037-0999 The typical side effects of potassium include stomach pain, and nausea. Ronda, if the tablets are in a bottle as dispensed by your pharmacy, then the shelf life is usually one year from the date you received them. However, if they are still sealed in the original factory sealed container, which has not been opened, yet, t...

yellow round pill with 903 on one side

I found one of these round bright yellow coated pills. It's a bit smaller than a dime. Imprint 903, no mistaking it for any other numbers. No imprint on the other side. Kind of thick. Very curious about what it is? Potassium Chloride Er 10 Meq? ## In my investigation, Potassium Chloride Er 10 Meq has a different pill description altogether. For verification, you can click on the following National Drug Code link [0245-0041] to view a photo and more specific details. Whereabouts did you find this tablet? And is there any reason to believe that it may still contain Potassium Chloride? I'm guess I'm just wondering what made you think that this is what it was, as I'm not able to locate any information on this pill imprint. Does anyone else here recognize this as being someth...

Ether 100

It comes in a clear capsule, and the only markings on it are ether 100 ## I think the marking in question was actually ETHEX 001, it contains 10mEq of Potassium Chloride in an extended release formulation. Inactive ingredients may include: calcium stearate gelatin isopropyl alcohol pharmaceutical glaze povidone sugar spheres magnesium silicate Is there anything else I can help with?

Oval White Pill ABRS 123

Large oval chalky white pill with the letters ABRS 123, scored ## I just posted this on another page here, but again...it is potassium chloride 20mgeq. It is used to level out one's potassium level and to keep the body at the right salt levels. Be careful of extreme thirst, dry mouth, sweating. ## Thank you! I didn't see it the other day. These pills were mixed in with one of my prescriptions, I'm glad I didn't take it by accident. ## Do you have a history of kidney stones? Potassium is used a lot for this. ## No, it was mixed in with my prescription with my pain medicine. ## On the ABRS 123 pill I noticed you put oval - it is oblong (a very big pill) - Does it matter? ## No, it does not make a difference. I knew exactly what you were talking about, and...they are big, h...

what is the difference between 99 milligrams of potassium chloride and 20 meq

I was taking potassium cl er 20meq & im out of them so im trying to find something equivalent to that over the counter. How many 99 milligrams of potassium can I take to make one 20 meq dose? ## Hello, Melissa! How are you? There is no direct conversion that I can give you. Has your doctor instructed you continue with the Potassium? Because too much of it can also be dangerous, so you shouldn't continue, unless they instruct you to do so. ## original prescription was for pota Chloride 1080 to take two 3 times a day; for some reason pharmacy gave me potassium tabs 10meg. to take 1 three times a day. is it same dosage? ## My husband is taking potassium 20 meq. Today we bought potassium 99mg. Can he take that? What is the equivalent to his 20 meq? ## Is 99mg of potassium more or la...

Mission 610

Large Yellow pill - oval No other info ## a large yellow pill shows MISSION on one side 610 on the other it is oval in shape. I think it is a potassium Chloride supplement but do not know anything more about it would like to know for sure ## Barb is correct, Mission Pharmacal lists it is containing 10mEqs of potassium. The FDA warns that it may cause nausea, and stomach pain, due to its potency, so it should be taken with food. It's inactive ingredients are listed as being carnauba wax and magnesium stearate, though they may vary depending on the facility they are manufactured in. Is there anything else I can help with?


Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Capsule, Extended Release: 10meq, 8meq
  • For Solution: 20meq
  • Injection: 1.5meq/ml, 1meq/ml, 2.4meq/ml, 2meq/ml, 3.2meq/ml, 3meq/ml, 4meq/ml
  • Solution: 20meq/15ml, 40meq/15ml
  • Tablet: 20meq
  • Tablet, Extended Release: 10.0meq, 10meq, 15meq, 20meq, 8.0meq, 8meq
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

NDC Database Records for Potassium Chloride: (525 results)

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  • 0085-1717 Potassium Chloride 750 mg Extended Release Tablet by Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
  • 0085-1718 Potassium Chloride 1500 mg Extended Release Tablet by Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
  • 0121-0465 Potassium Chloride 1.5 g/15ml Oral Solution by Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc.
  • 0121-0466 Potassium Chloride 3 g/15ml Oral Solution by Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc.
  • 0121-0841 Potassium Chloride 40 Meq/15ml Oral Solution by Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc.
  • 0121-1465 Potassium Chloride 1.5 g/15ml Oral Solution by Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc.
  • 0121-1680 Potassium Chloride 20 Meq/15ml Oral Solution by Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc.
  • 0121-2520 Potassium Chloride 40 Meq/30ml Oral Solution by Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc.
  • 0220-2891 Kali Muriaticum 6 [Hp_x]/1 Oral Pellet by Laboratoires Boiron
  • 0220-2951 Kali Muriaticum 6 [Hp_c]/6[hp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2952 Kali Muriaticum 9 [Hp_c]/9[hp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2953 Kali Muriaticum 12 [Hp_c]/12[hp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2954 Kali Muriaticum 15 [Hp_c]/15[hp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2955 Kali Muriaticum 30 [Hp_c]/30[hp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2956 Kali Muriaticum 200 [Kp_c]/200[kp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2957 Kali Muriaticum 1 [Hp_m]/[hp_m] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2958 Kali Muriaticum 12 [Hp_x]/12[hp_x] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2959 Kali Muriaticum 30 [Hp_x]/30[hp_x] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0245-0042 Potassium Chloride 600 mg Extended Release Tablet by Upsher-smith Laboratories, Inc.
  • 0245-0043 Potassium Chloride 750 mg Extended Release Tablet by Upsher-smith Laboratories, Inc.
  • 505 more results ...

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