Active Ingredient(s): Pentastarch
Category: Blood Volume

Pentaspan Overview

Pentastarch is a subgroup of hydroxyethyl starch, with five hydroxyethyl groups out of each 11 hydroxyls, giving it approximately 50% hydroxyethylation. This compares with tetrastarch at 40% and hetastarch at 70% hydroxyethylation, respectively. It is sold under the name Pentaspan and used for fluid resuscitation. It is considered a plasma expander because it remains primarily intravascular after infusion. Contents 1 Choice of resuscitation fluid 2 Normal saline versus pentastarch 2.1 Casu...

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I was at clinical this week and my client had a low urine output from the previous 8 hour shift (100ml/ 8hrs). I heard the nurses report and pentaspan was mentioned. I didn't ask at the time because I didn't want to sound dumb, but what the heck does pentaspan actually do? I'm pretty sure it increases urine output, but having a hard time researching this drug and figuring out exactly what it does, and how it works on the body. Can anyone explain? ## The information available on it is very limited and it really hasn't been shown to have any benefit over other choices, but you can find some details under Pentastarch. Learn more Pentastarch details here. Is there anything else I can help with?


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  • Injection: 10%
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