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Nifurtimox Overview

Nifurtimox, sold under the brand name Lampit, is a medication used to treat Chagas disease and sleeping sickness.[1][4] For sleeping sickness it is used together with eflornithine in nifurtimox-eflornithine combination treatment.[4] In Chagas disease it is a second-line option to benznidazole.[5] It is given by mouth.[1] Common side effects include abdominal pain, headache, nausea, and weight loss.[1&#...

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Chagas treatment

What's the best medication for Chagas disease? I've tried Ozone treatments and mild antibiotics, but still going down hill quick! If anyone knows how to kill this off, please let me know where or how, or both! Thank you ## From what I could gather, Nifurtimox and Benznidazole are the two front-line drugs used to treat Chagas disease. Referenced from: Have you tried either of these medications yet? Apparently they are only recommended during the acute phase of Chagas disease. Once Chagas disease reaches the chronic phase, medications aren't effective for curing the disease. Instead, treatment depends on the specific signs and symptoms: If you are experiencing heart-related complications, then treatment ma...


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  • Tablet: 120mg, 30mg
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