Methyl Salicylate + Menthol

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A transdermal analgesic or pain relief patch is a medicated adhesive patch used to relieve minor to severe pain. There are two primary types of analgesic patches: patches containing counterirritants, which are used to treat mild to moderate pain, and patches containing fentanyl, a narcotic used to relieve moderate to severe pain in opioid-tolerant patients. Contents 1 Counterirritant patches 2 Fentanyl patches 3 See also 4 References Counterirritant patches Counterirritant patches cont...

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Methyl Salicylate + Menthol
  • Patch: 10%/3%, 3% + 10%
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NDC Database Records for Methyl Salicylate + Menthol: (16 results)

Sorted by National Drug Code
  • 21130-861 Signature Care Cold and Hot Topical Cream by Safeway Inc.
  • 50090-0430 Theragesic Creme Topical Gel by A-s Medication Solutions
  • 59088-434 Capasil Topical Cream by Puretek Corporation
  • 69822-300 Ice Quake Analgesic Cream White Topical Cream by Southern Sales & Service, Inc.
  • 69837-019 Amplify Relief Mm Topical Cream by International Brand Management, LLC
  • 69837-300 Wpr Plus Kit by International Brand Management, LLC
  • 70329-717 Teeter Renew Muscles Pain Relieving Topical Cream by Stl International Inc
  • 70329-730 Teeter Renew Muscles Pain Relieving Topical Cream by Stl International Inc
  • 70329-829 Teeter Renew Pain Relief Topical Cream by Stl International, Inc.
  • 70584-734 Neurolatore Power Formula Pain Relief Topical Cream by Miracle Breakthrough Labs Corporation
  • 70631-957 Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream Topical Cream by Young Living Essential Oils, Lc.
  • 71269-005 Theragesic Creme Topical Cream by Mainpointe Pharmaceuticals, LLC
  • 71356-818 Human Science Muscle Pain Relief Topical Cream by Human Science, LLC
  • 71356-918 Human Science Pain Relief Topical Cream by Human Science, LLC
  • 72360-341 Douleurin Ice Pain Relief Topical Lotion by Ventriq, LLC
  • 73588-068 Reina Cbd Infused Topical Pain Relief Topical Lotion by Reina Wellness LLC

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