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Methoxyflurane, sold under the brand name Penthrox among others, is an inhaled medication primarily used to reduce pain following trauma.[3][4] It may also be used for short episodes of pain as a result of medical procedures.[2] Onset of pain relief is rapid and of a short duration.[2] Use is only recommended with direct medical supervision.[3] Common side effects include anxiety, headache, sleepiness, cough, and ...

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Hi I am wondering if Methoxyflurane can be used alongside nitrous oxide simultaneously. The nitrous oxide alone often is not as effective in achieving therapeutic dosage with adults and I wondered how the two may work. What clinical ill effects would be seen if a combination as such was actually used. Thanking you, Anand ## I do not know the answer to your question, however, if you are using Nitrous Oxide, even just once, you should be aware of the possibility of Nitrous Oxide Side Effects, particularly in that they reduce Vitamin B12 levels, which can lead to severe and even deadly problems. Preventing these side effects is as easy as supplementing with Vitamin B12 before and after procedures that use nitrous oxide- something that dentists never choose to do.


Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Liquid: 99.9%, 99.90%
  • Solution: 0.6mg/kg
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