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Syrup of ipecac (/pkæk/), commonly referred to as ipecac, is a drug that was once widely used as an expectorant (in low doses) and a rapid-acting emetic (in higher doses). It is obtained from the dried rhizome and roots of Carapichea ipecacuanha from which it derives its name. In particular, the rapidly induced forceful vomiting produced by ipecac was considered for many years to be an important front-line treatment for orally ingested poisons. However, subsequent studies (including a c...

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Rem Cough Syrup

Info on a cough syrup called REM.It was manufactured, I believe by Maryland Pharmaceutical around the 1940's. I think it had a blue bottle with a orange circle with the name REM printed on it ## I'm sorry, but I can't find any information on this, which really isn't very surprising for that old of a product. There were also many differences back then for what were considered pharmaceutical products. Does anyone have information on this? ## my mother use to give to to us in the early 60's. ## I used it in the 1980s and it worked well. I don't tolerate the chemical ones. I remember REM had ipecac, lobelia, squills and other things...I just remember those because ipecac was used as an emetic and when I looked up lobelia and squills they were listed in an herbal book...

I Cannot Vomit Ever

i can not vomit ever, i just dry heave, I am after fundoplication, but had the wrap removed. Pain and nausea is unbereable, ## What type of medications have you tried for it? Are you still under a doctor's care? There are various medications available to treat GERD, which is usually why a Nissen Fundoplication is performed. Proton Pump Inhibitors are the most commonly prescribed: ## I can not vomit, which is a problem I feel really nauseas and sick but can not induce vomiting, it is not normal. I even tried ipecac but nothing, just terrible cramps, I am at a loss as for what to do

medications containing ipecac

I am looking for any OTC products that contain ipecac ## You can purchase just straight Ipecac at your local pharmacy over the counter, most people keep around in case of posioning emergencies. You will not find it included in meds because it is used to induce vomiting, and nobody wants to add an extra side effect to something.


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  • Syrup: 7g
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NDC Database Records for Ipecac: (24 results)

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  • 0220-2667 Ipecacuanhauanha 6 [Hp_x]/1 Oral Pellet by Laboratoires Boiron
  • 0220-2699 Ipecacuanhauanha 5 [Hp_c]/5[hp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2700 Ipecacuanhauanha 6 [Hp_c]/6[hp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2701 Ipecacuanhauanha 9 [Hp_c]/9[hp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2702 Ipecacuanhauanha 12 [Hp_c]/12[hp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2703 Ipecacuanhauanha 15 [Hp_c]/15[hp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2704 Ipecacuanhauanha 30 [Hp_c]/30[hp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2705 Ipecacuanhauanha 200 [Kp_c]/200[kp_c] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2706 Ipecacuanhauanha 1 [Hp_m]/[hp_m] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0220-2707 Ipecacuanhauanha 30 [Hp_x]/30[hp_x] Oral Pellet by Boiron
  • 0360-0219 Ipecacuanhauanha 30 [Hp_x]/G Sublingual Tablet by Standard Homeopathic Company
  • 0360-0220 Ipecacuanhauanha 6 [Hp_x]/G Sublingual Tablet by Standard Homeopathic Company
  • 15631-0237 Ipecacuanha 3 [hp_x]/1 Oral Pellet by Rxhomeo Private Limited D.b.a. Rxhomeo, Inc
  • 54973-0617 Ipecacuanha (Ipecac 6 [hp_x]) by Hyland's
  • 54973-2917 Ipecacuanha (Ipecac 30 [hp_x]) by Hyland's
  • 57520-0626 Ipecac 12 [hp_x]/G Oral Pellet by Apotheca Company
  • 60512-1025 Ipecacuanha 3 [hp_x]/1 Oral Pellet by Homeolab USA Inc
  • 62106-8213 Ipecacuanha 3 [hp_x]/1 Oral Granule by Seroyal USA
  • 64117-553 Nausea Vomiting 30 [hp_c]/Ml Oral Pellet by Natural Health Supply
  • 68428-054 Ipecacuanha Kit Refill 200 [hp_c]/1 Oral Pellet by Washington Homeopathic Products
  • 4 more results ...

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medications containing ipecac
I am looking for any OTC products that contain ipecac ## You can purchase just straight Ipecac at your local pharmacy ov... 1 reply

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