Active Ingredient(s): Trastuzumab-pkrb
FDA Approved: * December 14, 2018
Pharm Company: * CELLTRION INC
Category: Cancer

Trastuzumab, sold under the brand name Herceptin among others, is a monoclonal antibody used to treat breast cancer and stomach cancer.[3][4][5][6] It is specifically used for cancer that is HER2 receptor positive.[3] It may be used by itself or together with other chemotherapy medication.[3] Trastuzumab is given by slow injection into a vein and injection just under the skin.[3]&am... [wikipedia]

* May have multiple approval dates, manufacturers, or labelers.

Dosage List

Herzuma 150 mg/20ml Intravenous Injection, Powder, Lyophilized, for Solution
NDC: 63459-303
Cephalon, Inc.
HerzumaHerzuma Kit
NDC: 63459-305
Cephalon, Inc.

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