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Goserelin, sold under the brand name Zoladex among others, is a medication which is used to suppress production of the sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen), particularly in the treatment of breast and prostate cancer.[1][2] It is an injectable gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist (GnRH agonist). Structurally, it is a decapeptide. It is the natural GnRH decapeptide with two substitutions to inhibit rapid degradation. Goserelin stimulates the production of ...

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malignant neoplasm of prostrate-Primary with bone metastases

zolodex is goserelin(sp?) is an IV I receive every 3 mo for malignant neoplasm of prostrate with bone metastases: spine, legs, ankles, hip and abdominal area and ribs. this medication retards the mfr testosterone, which seems to fan the fire of my cancer. How long is zolodex effective? What would happen if I discontinued these IV's (which has plenty side effects)? Would it shorten my life? My psa is now around 16. In Feb 2013 it was over 600. When this treatment no longer is effective, how much time do I have??


Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

  • Implant: 10.8mg, 3.6mg
  • Insert: 10.8mg, 3.6mg
  • Insert, Extended Release: 10.8mg, 3.6mg
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