Active Ingredient(s): Epoetin Delta
Category: Cancer

Dynepo Overview

1BUY, 1CN4, 1EERIdentifiersAliasesEPO, EP, MVCD2, erythropoietin, Erythropoietin, ECYT5, DBALExternal IDsOMIM: 133170 MGI: 95407 HomoloGene: 624 GeneCards: EPO Gene location (Human)Chr.Chromosome 7 (human)[1]Band7q22.1Start100,720,468 bp[1]End100,723,700 bp[1]Gene location (Mouse)Chr.Chromosome 5 (mouse)[2]Band5 G2|5 76.5 cMStart137,483,020 bp[2]End137,533,242 bp[2]RNA expression patternMo...

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