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Dehydroemetine Overview

Dehydroemetine is a synthetically produced antiprotozoal agent similar to emetine in its anti-amoebic properties and structure (they differ only in a double bond next to the ethyl substituent), but it produces fewer side effects. In the United States, it is manufactured by Roche. Contents 1 Mechanism 2 Uses 2.1 Amoebic infections 2.2 In other diseases 3 References Mechanism Its exact mechanism is not known, but in vitro it inhibits translocation.[1] Uses It was at...

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Dehydroemitine Urgently needed in Mumbai

My relative in a Mumbai hospital urgently needs this medicine to avoid removal of large intestine. It is not available in Mumbai. Any ideas on how to obtain it? ## The only way I am aware of it being available is by the CDC on a compassionate use basis to treat amooebiasis. The same details are listed in the article Dehydroemetine here. Has your relative not responded to other medications? ## Verwon, Thank you for your response. That was something I had not considered. I will follow-up that thought. They must have tried everything else. This was a last ditch effort. He is in a very good hospital, but they are running out of time and have to finalize the decision to conduct the surgery. The irony is that the medicine is made in India, but, a lot of it is exported out. A company called T...


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