Cortomycin Otic

Active Ingredient(s): Hydrocortisone + Neomycin + Polymyxin B
Category: Antibiotics

Cortomycin Otic Overview

Neomycin/polymyxin B/hydrocortisone, sold under the brand Otosporin among others, is a medication used to treat otitis externa (swimmer's ear) and certain eye disorders.[2][3] It consists of the antibiotics neomycin and polymyxin B, and the steroid hydrocortisone.[3] It is used as an ear drop or eye drop.[2][3] The most common side effects include itchiness and a skin rash.[4] Other side effects ma...

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Dear representative, I've been searching the market for a digestive enzyme for the longest time but Enzypride is the only one that comes close to suit my digestive needs. My body does not produce sufficient Lipase and Protease enzyme to digest respectively fatty food and protein whereas the amylase level in my body is high. As you know Enzypride is made of Amylase 11000 U, Lipase 12500 U and Protease 800 U, so is there a possibility that you can manufacture a batch with about 3000 U of amylase instead of 11000 U? The thing is I will be on this medication for the rest of my life so you can make the difference by being the only Pharmaceucal company to produce it and I'm sure there are other people suffering with the same kind of digestive disorder as this is the case for me. I'...

shape dont know i just want to know can i take this tab.cortomycin

i am suffering from asthama Whether this tablet help me to cure my asthama problem ## First of all, asthma is most commonly caused by an allergy and there is no cure for allergies, though there are some medications and treatments that can help get them under control and lessen your sensitivity to the allergens. As to Cortomycin, it is listed as containing Neomycin, Polymoxin B and Hydrocortisone, it is an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory that is most commonly used to treat infections and, though the Hydrocortisone can help with some allergic reactions, this is really not the right medication to treat asthma. Have you consulted a doctor? You should do so, to get a conformation that it's asthma and, if it is, to get proper treatment.


Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

Hydrocortisone + Neomycin + Polymyxin B
  • Cream: 0.5% + 0.35% + 10000unit/g
  • Drops: 1% + 0.35% + 10000unit/ml
  • Solution: 1% + 0.35% + 10000unit, 1% + 0.35% + 10000unit/ml, Combo
  • Suspension: 1% + 0.35% + 10000unit/ml, 1;3.5;10,000;mg;unit;% + 1;3.5;10,000;mg;unit;% + 1;3.5;10,000;mg;unit;% + 1;3.5;10,000;mg;unit;%, Combo
  • Suspension/drops: 1% + 3.5mg/ml + 10,000 units/ml
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

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