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The Mentholatum Company, Inc. is a maker of non-prescription health care products founded in 1889 by Albert Alexander Hyde in the United States. It was bought out by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., a Japanese health care company, in 1988. The Mentholatum Company is known for its top three products, Mentholatum Ointment, Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub (branded as "Deep Heat" outside of the United States), and Mentholatum Lip Care. The Mentholatum Building in Buffalo, New York was listed on the Nation... [wikipedia]

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Mentholatum Ironman Muscle Spray Topical Spray
NDC: 10742-8152
The Mentholatum Company
Professional Therapy Muscle Care Pain Relieving Gel by Dr. Chris Oswald Topical Gel
NDC: 49795-416
Nutri-dyn Products Ltd. Dba Professional Health Products
Professional Therapy Muscle Care Pain Relieving Ointment by Dr. Chris Oswald Topical Cream
NDC: 49795-417
Nutri-dyn Products Ltd. Dba Professional Health Products
Camphor, Menthol Topical Gel
NDC: 50421-002
Active & Innovative Inc.
Camphor, Menthol Topical Ointment
NDC: 50421-004
Active & Innovative Inc.

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