Active Ingredient(s): Alpha-1-proteinase Inhibitor
Category: Lungs (Pulmonary)

Aralast Overview

1ATU, 1D5S, 1EZX, 1HP7, 1IZ2, 1KCT, 1OO8, 1OPH, 1PSI, 1QLP, 1QMB, 2D26, 2QUG, 3CWL, 3CWM, 3DRM, 3DRU, 3NDD, 3NDF, 3NE4, 3T1P, 7API, 8API, 9API, 4PYW, 5IO1IdentifiersAliasesSERPINA1, A1A, A1AT, AAT, PI, PI1, PRO2275, alpha1AT, serpin family A member 1, nNIFExternal IDsOMIM: 107400 MGI: 891968 HomoloGene: 20103 GeneCards: SERPINA1 Gene location (Human)Chr.Chromosome 14 (human)[1]Band14q32.13Start94,376,747 bp[1]End94,390,693 bp[1]Gene location (Mo...

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Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

Alpha-1-proteinase Inhibitor
  • Injection, 1000mg/vial, 500mg/25ml
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

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