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.mw-parser-output .ib-chembox{border-collapse:collapse;text-align:left}.mw-parser-output .ib-chembox td,.mw-parser-output .ib-chembox th{border:1px solid #a2a9b1} Names IUPAC name aluminium chloride Other names aluminium(III) chloridealuminum trichloride Identifiers CAS Number 7446-70-0 (anhydrous)Y10124-27-3 (hydrate)N7784-13-6 (hexahydrate)Y 3D model (JSmol) monomer: Interactive imagedimer: Interactive image ...

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Pharmaceutical ingredient

Deat Sir/Madam, I am interested in Aluminum chloride as pharmaceutical ingredient. It has been used as ingredient of injection and perspiration deodorant products in Japan but it is not listed on Inactive Ingredient Guide of US FDA website and I do not know it can be used or it has been used as pharmaceutical ingredient in the US. If you have any information, please let me know. Best regards,

use of AlCl3 &chlorinated paraffins in biotech

Sir, i m persuing biochemical technology.And present time i m doing 6th month project in 8th sem.My topic is Q.A. of chlorinated paraffins &AlCl3.So, I want to know that what is the use of alluminium chloride &chloinated paraffins in biotech/microbiology/biochemistry/ phermacology. i'll highly obilised. Regards& thnx


Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

Aluminum Chloride
  • Liquid: 20%
  • Solution: 20%
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

NDC Database Records for Aluminum Chloride: (34 results)

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  • 0295-0122 Certain Dri .12 mg/ml Topical Liquid by Denison Pharmaceuticals, LLC.
  • 0404-1080 Topical Hemo-stat 250 mg/g Dental Solution by Henry Schein
  • 0699-1081 Hemoban 250 mg/g Dental Solution by Dshealthcare
  • 0699-1082 Hemoban 250 mg/g Dental Solution by Dshealthcare
  • 10129-017 Gingi-aid Solution 3.75 g/15ml Dental; Oral; Periodontal; Subgingival Solution by Gingi-pak a Division of The Belport
  • 10733-412 Lumicain 250 mg/g Topical Solution by Medical Products Laboratories, Inc.
  • 22431-227 Urban Street Ocean Breeze 250 mg/g Topical Stick by Blue Cross Laboratories LLC
  • 24794-300 Hemostatic Solution 7500 mg/30ml Dental Solution by Crosstex International Inc.
  • 30707-100 Hydrosal Professional 15 g/100ml Topical Gel by Valeo Pharma Corp.
  • 42756-1100 Nrg Hemo-stat 7500 mg/30ml Dental Solution by Iq Dental Supply, LLC
  • 43305-0000 Hemostat 7500 mg/30ml Dental Solution by Pearson Dental Supplies Inc.
  • 53045-300 Frenna Ac 8.75 g/35g Dental; Oral; Topical Solution by Dharma Research, Inc.
  • 53897-001 Clinical Strength Miracledry Antiperspirant Deodorant PM 12 mg/ml Topical Liquid by Highland Consumer Products
  • 54633-101 Aarica 15 g/100ml Topical Liquid by The Podiatree Co
  • 54633-413 Aarica 15 g/100ml Topical Liquid by The Podiatree Company
  • 54913-001 Sweatblock 14 ml/100ml Topical Liquid by Dc Alpine Partners, LLC Dba: Sweatblock
  • 55726-048 Zerosweat 15 mg/ml Topical Liquid by Zerosweat Inc
  • 55726-200 Antiperspirant Towlette 14 g/100g Topical Cloth by Zero Sweat
  • 58980-155 Hypercare 15 g/100ml Topical Solution by Stratus Pharmaceuticals
  • 60512-6163 Aluminium Muriaticum 3 [hp_x]/1 Oral Pellet by Homeolab USA Inc.
  • 14 more results ...

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