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Paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen, is a medication used to treat pain and fever.[12][13] It is typically used for mild to moderate pain relief.[12] Evidence is mixed for its use to relieve fever in children.[14][15] It is often sold in combination with other medications, such as in many cold medications.[12] Paracetamol is also used for severe pain, such as cancer pain and pain after surgery...

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Blue oblong pill scored G651

What is this pill please? Found in a drawer; very concerned. ## A blue oblong tablet with imprint G651 is reported to be a generic Tylenol PM, containing Acetaminophen 500 mg and Diphenhydramine 25 mg. (NDC 55315-990 among others). It is an over the counter pain reliever / sleep aid combo. Inactive Ingredients: - Carnauba Wax - FD&C Blue No. 2 - Hypromelloses - Microcrystalline Cellulose - Polysorbate 80 - Silicon Dioxide - Croscarmellose Sodium - FD&C Blue No. 1 - Stearic Acid - Povidone K30 - Polyethylene Glycols - Titanium Dioxide - Pregelatinized Corn Starch More: DailyMed ## Is it a prescription pain pill?

Severe tooth pain with root canal

issues surfaced with a tooth that was absessed, required a root canal. This was nearly three years ago. Severe pain occured 24 hours ago, saw dentist, may need tooth extracted. Was given 7.5/325 hydrocodone acetaminoph. I have taken two tablets. Pain persists. May I take ibuprofen with diphenhydramine in combinations with hydrocodone? ## Hi monica, Sorry to hear about your tooth abscess! Though, if something as strong as hydrocodone isn't helping with your pain, I'd have to wonder if the doctor made the right call on giving you pain meds instead of antibiotics for an infected tooth, since that's not necessarily something hydrocodone or any pain medication is supposed to help with. In my opinion, antibiotics would probably help with the pain more so than anything else, becaus...


Possible Dosages for this and Related Drugs:

Acetaminophen + Diphenhydramine
  • Capsule: 500mg + 12.5mg
  • Tablet: 500mg + 12.5mg, 500mg + 25mg, 500mg + 38mg, 500mg + 38mg + 25mg, 500mg + 50mg
Note: Above list includes dosages for all drugs with the same combination of active ingredients.

NDC Database Records for Acetaminophen + Diphenhydramine: (346 results)

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  • 0031-8770 Robitussin Honey Severe Cough, Flu Plus Sore Throat Nighttime Oral Solution by Wyeth Consumer Healthcare LLC
  • 0113-0355 Apap 500 mg / Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 25 mg Oral Tablet by L Perrigo Company
  • 0113-0437 Apap 500 mg / Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 25 mg Oral Tablet by L Perrigo Company
  • 0113-0751 Apap 500 mg / Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 25 mg Oral Tablet by L Perrigo Company
  • 0113-0829 Apap 500 mg / Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 25 mg Oral Capsule by L Perrigo Company
  • 0113-0837 Apap 500 mg / Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 25 mg Oral Tablet by L. Perrigo Company
  • 0113-7437 Basic Care Acetaminophen PM Oral Tablet, Film Coated by L. Perrigo Company
  • 0135-0608 Panadol Oral Tablet, Film Coated by Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare Holdings (Us) LLC
  • 0363-0213 Apap 500 mg / Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 25 mg Oral Tablet by Walgreens
  • 0363-0235 Apap 500 mg / Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 25 mg Oral Tablet by Walgreen Co.
  • 0363-0246 Pain Relief PM (Acetaminophen 500 mg / Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 25 mg) by Walgreens
  • 0363-0350 Apap 500 mg / Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 25 mg Oral Capsule by Walgreens
  • 0363-0373 Apap 500 mg / Diphenhydramine Citrate 38 mg Oral Tablet by Walgreen Co.
  • 0363-0518 Apap 500 mg / Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 12.5 mg Oral Tablet by Walgreen Co.
  • 0363-0556 Extra Strength Pain Reliever PM (Acetaminophen 500 mg / Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 25 mg) by Walgreen Co.
  • 0363-0760 Pain Reliever PM Oral Tablet, Coated by Walgreens
  • 0363-0863 Pain Reliever PM Oral Tablet, Coated by Walgreens
  • 0363-4470 Pain Reliever PM Oral Tablet, Coated by Walgreens
  • 0363-8590 Nighttime Pain Reliever PM Oral Liquid by Walgreen Co.
  • 0363-9991 Acetaminophen Diphenhydramine Hcl Oral Tablet by Walgreen Co.
  • 326 more results ...

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