Zonisamide, Oxycontin, Grapefruit, Birth Control

vanessa Says:

How much will zonisamide affect oxycontin? I started both meds together. The oxycontin is temporary because of dental work. I just started birth control called enskyce. I queeeze an average of 5 grapefruits a day and drink it all day. I haven't noticed any side effects from zonisamide since I started a week ago on 100 MG for having a grand Mal seizure 6 weeks ago. I did take vitamins really late tonight which is dumb, I know to take then in the am. I took my birth control, zonisamide, centrum silver for women over 50, and some vitamin for hair skin and nails from Walgreens (I'm 26 but my last meds made my hair fail out) and I got super shakey and very alert(3 hrs later I still am) I was very drowsy before the vitamins so I know that was the culprit. It seems like I'm doing absolutely everything wrong when it comes to taking zonisamide correctly from what I've researched tonight


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Verwon Says:

Hello, Vanessa! How are you?

Zonisamide and Oxycodone are actually not listed as having any problems or interactions, when taken together, though there is no way to be sure how any given medication or combination of them will affect any given person that takes them.

It would be a better guess that the issues are caused by the grapefruit, because it can potentiate the effect of the medications and it is generally not advised to indulge in it, while taking any of the 3 you've listed. As reported by the FDA, this could intensity the side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and sedation.

It is typical for a multivitamin, of almost any type, to cause extra alertness and possibly some shakiness, especially since you said you took 2, the Centrum and the other one. It may be too much for you.

Have you checked the ingredients in both?

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Angie Says:

Hello my is Angie my problem is it have chronic pain everyday.i have neuropathy from the tips of my toes,and going up both my legs. My neurologist was giving me OxyContin from 5mg to 30mg. I was also taking lamictal 100mg both medicine twice a day. worked for me without the numbness,tickling and stabbing feeling everyday. Now I'm on zonisamide,lamotrigin,morphine30mg and morphine 15mg what can I do now. I'm still having the same problem after taking this medicine.i
need help. Can you help me

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