Zolpidem E79 Or M Z2...which Is Better?

pilliam Says:

I've been takin zolpidem E 79 for a while n works great. But my local pharmer filled my script wit the purple round pill with M Z2 on it. I no they should work but I jus took my 2nd one in bout 2 hrs while I'm writing this. Is it jus me or r the purple ones weaker. Like I said I'm wide awake this sux.

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Verwon Says:

No, it isn't just you! There can be differences in generic medications.

Under the U.S. FDA regulations, generic medications can differ from the name brand, in the amount of the active ingredient, by as much as plus or minus 20%.

Additionally, generics only have to measure against the name brand and not against each other, which means that the amount of the active ingredient can differ from one generic to the next.

Therefore, the news pill you received may not have as much of the Zolpidem in them as the prior ones you were taking, so they may not work as well.

And, since you were used to taking the other ones, if these ones do contain a lower amount of it, it could be causing some withdrawal and rebound effects, which could make it even harder for you to get the sleep you need.


The only thing I can suggest is asking your pharmacy if they can order the other ones in for you.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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pilliam Says:

Thnk u 4 ur answer it wuz very detailed n helpful. U really no ur s**t haha...thnx again

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Can snorting ambien make you feel good?

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Verwon Says:

Lucky, there is no point to snorting this medication, it does not get you high and it can actually be very dangerous.

Tablets contain fillers and many of them aren't meant to be broken down by the human body, they are normally just expelled in your waste. However, if you crush a tablet to snort it, you are putting these fillers directly into areas of your body, where it cannot process them out. There are actually causes where people have done this and ended up creating blockages in their lungs that have led to respiratory arrest and death.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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Gayle Says:

I have been taking TEVA Brand Zolpidem 10mg for several years. My Dr. wanted me to try Zolpidem ER 12.5mg (which is control released) but I don't see the brand name. They did not work for me as well so I asked to go back to my original brand. Dr. called it in. I picked my prescription up today and found that the pills looked different. I received MYLAN Brand Lavender color Zolpidem 10mg. I'm using the same pharmacy and I don't know why they changed! It really upsets me when Dr.'s start changing things around - if it ain't broke don't fix it!! Has anyone tried this brand? If so, I would appreciate a review from you.

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has452 Says:

Technically, good quality generics from large pharmaceutical houses should all perform about the same. Just make sure you are getting 10mg tablets just like before. Also, I noticed the "CR" ambien tablets have a much higher dosage than 10mg of Zolpidem: do you need a higher dosage if 10 mg works? (that's the dosage I use, and I won't go any higher as long as 10mg is effective: no reason to go higher).

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silk Says:

I am going thru the same thing. The white bars worked fine. These purple ones dont do a thing. I am stressed. I am tired. I am nauseous. I need help..

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sunday Says:

The new purple pill that replaced the old zolpedan (Ambien) does not work at all. I've been up for three nights straight. Why do they change the

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Chris Says:

Firstly (to Sleepy above) try to use at least somewhat correct grammar and spelling if you're going to call people out. As it stands, you're incorrect and he is in fact right. Pills that are meant to be broken down in the stomach and digestive system are not designed to be taken any other way. The method by which they are dissolved is a by product of the method of administration.

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TessieB Says:

The mz2 10 mg are horrible. The good ones are small slim oblong caplets. (Ambien)
The others are not worth paying for.

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Robyrt1979 Says:

Pharmacies sometimes change pharmaceutical drug wholesalers, especially small independent pharmacies because of the cost of certain medications. All pharmacies (large or small) order their medications through wholesalers. These wholesalers are going to order their stock from the cheapest drug manufactuers that they can find. Sometimes these savings are passed along to the consumer, your pharmacy or the wholesaler that ships out the less expensive medication but continues to bill pharmacies the same price (to keep the wholesalers from losing income), what pharmacies pay their wholesalers is what they base their price on to charge us, the patients. There is only one way to ensure that you receive the exact same medication every time you go to the pharmacy, and that is for your physician to write the brand name of the medication on the prescription he wants dispensed, ie. "Ambien 10mg" and to write "Dispense As Written, Medically Necessary". The little box that doctors used to be able to mark on their Rx tablets is just simply a waste of their time (anyone can mark that box). The only downside to this is that so many pharmaceutical manufacturers are now making Ambien (as well as countless others) as a generic. You might have a small fight on your hands getting your insurance to cover a brand name drug of any kind when almost everything has a generic equivalent. I went about two hours ago and picked up my prescription for Zolpidem Tatrate and paid a whopping $0.18 for 30 tablets. I asked my Pharmacist what my cost would have been for brand name, after she explained to me that my drug plan did not cover the major brand name drugs (unless Congress holds a special session) my cash price would have been almost $50. ~~So keep that in mind if you want your medications to forever look the same! ~~ Keep in mind also, the cost of some prescription medications can vary state to state, I live in Panama City, FL.

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Julie Says:

The pill is horrible, I cannot fall asleep. the MZ2 purplish pill ,I have just gotten refilled and at another drug store. I usually have a copay of $3 at Walgreens and with private owned pharmacy, the prescription cost $20. I added PM counter drug, actually two and still no sleep.

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carrie Says:

I just took my mz2 purple pill it is not working for me

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ed Says:

I use Walgreens and have been wondering why I am laying here awake instead of sleeping. I got a new script and it reads "mfg teva interchange for ambien". So a switcheroo has taken place, whatever I had before worked great 100% of the time, now I am awake with insomnia for 2 nights straight. Damn

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Sha sha Says:

Thanks for all the info..I thought it was just me!!!!!!

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Zeke Says:

This is confusing. The white slim long tablets from Northstar (E79) stopped working completely. I received the round purple tablets (M?) from Costco and for a month I slept like it was the original stuff. Then Costco decided to sell the Northstar white tablets along with every other pharmacy around. I checked.

Is it partially each person's chemicals make up that make them work differently?

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October Says:

If insufflated, you are bypassing your GI tract where as soon as drug, fillers, excipients, binders for tablets etc. are absorbed and immediately shunted to the liver which breaks down or converts all to molecules that are then released to blood vessels to circulate and exert the intended effect. By insufflating, you are directly introducing all of the above into bloodstream directly or it may not be small enough of a molecule to pass through, so it sticks to your lung tissue And collects over time. Like lungs of coal mine workers. I hope this post helps to deter from misusing tablets intended to be ingested orally.

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bobby Says:

I have the same issue I happened to get these in the mail from the VA and I'm going to call them back I've been laying in bed for 3 hours trying to sleep

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JGinNY Says:

I called the VA this week and was told that the purple zolpidem tartrate that is now being dispensed is under contract by another pharmaceutical company and there is nothing they can do about it. They suggested that a new prescription be brought to my local pharmacy which can be filled as "dispense as written" because the VA only fills generically. There really should be guidelines about generics being compatible and comparable to the actual drug.

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Amillion2juan Says:

Sounds like the Mylan brand they really don't work I've been taking ambien since 2001 just got generic brand called torrent from cvs but I had to ask them for it because the normally dispense teva generic which is crap. Teva is a just a little better then the purple Mylan but both suck. Anyways 1 torrent 10mg zolpidem on an empty stomach works great in 25mins tops so sleep tight The best generic I've had since actual ambien *sigh* I tried 15mg of the torrent ambien last night to see if there was a difference since I normally take 15mg of other generic ambien and always end up short at the end of the month and only difference is that I sleep 12hrs or so, 10mg is strong under this brand I get 7-8hr no headache just wake up happy cuz I finally got sleep . Also When I say empty stomach I mean 2.5-3hrs of no food along with 500mg of magnesium and 5mg of melatonin it's a Great combo if you take any other sedating meds take them 25-30mins before the ambien you want the ambien to be like the cherry on the icing to put u to sleep you don't want your ambien to work harder then it needs to if u take something else along with it. If u have any other questions just reply I'm like the ambien whisperer. Full of knowledge here.

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