Yellow Pill With Wyeth

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I bought online from premium meds. They were suposed to be phentermine but I cannot find anything that looks dark yellow small one side has / the other has WYETH they came from mcgn cty in 46360

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marc Says:

recieved same product yesterady did you take one how did it make you feel what are you going to do

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MinnKidd Says:

My wife took one today and I had to pick her up off the side of the road because she couldn't drive. She also was very sick to her stomach and slept the day away. Do not take!!

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cathy Says:

Mark I called the place where I order them and they said they were a antidepressant and they were going to replace them do not take them

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Andrea Smith Says:

OMG....the same thing just happened to me! Suppose to be phentermine and I recieved small yellow pills with WYETH on one side and a score on nthe other...I knew immediatly something was not right. These came from IN and I ordered them from I am livid!!! Hopefully my credit card company with get me a refund from these idiots.

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marc Says:

have spoke to prem meds they stated the willl replace but usps tracking number is vague shipment delayed yellow round wyeth scoed on 1 side has benn linked to ativan 2 mg but hwo coulld they get mixed up with phentermine something fishy

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Verwon Says:

Yes, these have been identified by several resources as 2mg Ativan tablets from the Phillipines.

So, definitely not even close to Phentermine.


This is, however, the problem from ordering without a valid prescription, from a legal U.S. pharmacy, there is no way of knowing what you may actually get.

I really do hope the company fixes the problem.

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