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britney Says:
whats the difference between the 2??

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kimi Says:
I agree Dan. Nothing works like Mylan, of course, it works differently for other people. I take it because I need it, not to get high.

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DarknessIunderstand Says:
Mylan A4 is generic for xanax, I believe the A4 is the 2mg pill, but yes it is xanax

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DarknessIunderstand Says:
XANAX, generic is MYLAN. they are the manufactuer, anxiety and panic attack meds. They work great if taken correctly if and when needed

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DarknessIunderstand Says:
The majority of prescription drugs arent needed and are taken for fun, but Americans abuse everything, especially drugs, legal, illegal, or prescribed. The FDA gives u just enough meds to make feel good enough so u continue to come back so they continue to make money. If they gave out cures for everything, a lot of people would be out of jobs and they would be no more FDA

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a4u Says:
2 milligram xanax sold at cvs verry good quality only thing is homid or damp conditions will make them lose there strength and they become"crumbley" all in all you will build a resistance to bars green ones round ones and withdrawls are no fun yellow ones from walgreens are garbage

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Ralph Says:
I have tried them all. The Mylan A4 is a better buzz in my experience. The bars just make me sleep, they do not give me the "happy feeling" that the Mylan A4 round white pills that you can break into four sections give me. It is supposed to be anti anxiety medication not a sleeping pill... Mylan also makes an A1 blue round pill that is effective and only 1mg.

The blue footballs are the best. Nothing touches them in my mind. Plus coming off the bars is much harder and gives you diarrhea really bad which I have not experienced with the Mylan generics or the original Xanax football shaped pills.

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john Says:
no look at what roy said. the mylan a4 is GENERic xanny

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SgtMama Says:
yes, the dose is the same, regardless of manufacturer. However,this is my example of why I disagree: is a Nissan EXACTLY the same as a Chevrolet? They are both automobiles, yes, so in one aspect they are the exact same thing. After much research, I have found that some xanax is "cleaner"...because that company used less inactive ingredients, or "fillers". One was actually sodium laurel sulphate. Nasty.

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Jessi Says:
what color is the 1 mg tablet. i changed pharmacies and the other ones were a sky blue.

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Lalaz Says:
Can you sniff mylan a4??

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Bill Says:
Yellow Bars are time released and suck major balls. The white sticks are the best. No doubt

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Steve Says:
Xanax are tranquilizers. Of course they will knock you out to help you sleep. My mother takes 1mg and is out like a light for hours. I also take 6mg's/day for panic attacks and GAD. Mylan alprazolam sucks! The FDA does indeed allow a % difference in the amount of the active ingredient (alprazolam), and of course even Xanax can differ, (potency-wise), from batch to batch. Mylan meds in general aren't bad, but just read of how many ppl complain of the Mylan version of Xanax compared to other generics. It's just about universal. Why do you think I'm on this type of website? My brands were changed from Greenstone to Mylan and the results are lousy. And while I was under the same assumption that all generics worked the same, the just don't when it comes to benzos. Maybe other meds too, I'm just not on any.

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Steve Says:
BTW, quit snorting your benzos. None of them are water soluble in pill form, so they don't pass through your mucus membrane like coke or heroin does, so it doesn't go straight to your brain. It just drips down your throat and takes longer to get absorbed into your small intestine where all BZ meds get absorbed. (You have twice as many GABA receptors in your small intestine than in your brain). Fastest, (safest) way to get them working quicker is on an empty stomach and disolved under your tongue, (like Suboxone). Or chew them. Yes, Xanax taste like crap, but that's a small price to pay for a faster onset. The only water soluble ones are the liquid versions, made for I.V.ing, that are kept in hospital E.R's, nursing homes, etc. to get agitated patients calm a.s.a.p. Whoever thinks they work better by snorting are living in "placebo-land". Anyone ever read the results from a med study? Some get the real drug and others get a sugar pill, yet some of the ppl on the placebo still get some relief from whatever the real drug is suppose to be helping with even though it's fake. The brain is a powerful thing.

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Jean Says:
cannot find mylan alprozalam locally. Can the Dr. get a 3 month supply directly from the company? 0.25 mg. It is a small round white pill with Alprozolam and an A on the front of the pill. I hope you can help with this since this is the only brand that can be taken when needed. Thank you.

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maddog Says:
what do ppl think about ording xanax from mexico or india?can it be done?

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Nicole Says:
I totally agreee... I've always thought they were better than the bars.

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Nicole Says:
great response ... and snorting xanax!???
The brain is very powerful... if I could just get ahold of it! lol

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candy Says:
no it would be( 8) 4x2 is 8 and 4 .25 equal s 1 xanax
4 so you also would have to take nnkmu16 white to equal 4 2mg ones.

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candy Says:
sniffing xanax sure you can sniff pop rocks , but why we tried years ago, got a stuuffy head. and the xanax didnt work i take 4 1 mg blue footballs daily i dissolve it in my mouth, swallow it and all my horrible anxiety goes away, you snort cocaine (i dont) but xanax(no)u , just wasting them and you will end up like a sinus cold. I have had panick attacks for 9 years and take them daily, if iy wasnt for them i woulnt leave the house. My husband says its a crutch damn right!!! he wouldnt like me without them, I just dont like to abuse them and take a handful why? I dont want to sleep ,just be calm.r

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Ridgerunner007 Says:
In the USA, the FDA regulates the "bioequivalence" of a generic drug against the original formula, once the patent runs out, historically, about 17 years since its introduction, but there are some exceptions, a pharma firm can sell the license earlier, or, have the FDA, in rare cases, extend the patent, from 6 months, (as Sanofi did with Ambien in 2006/2007) as Roche did with their Valium, released in 1963, expired in 1980, but Roche got a extention on the USA patent, until 1983, when, Valium went generic.
Also, the bioequivalence, must equal 80% of the original pill, such as, the Mylan alprazolam, must equal 80% of the original Upjohn Xanax, with a standard deviation, of up to 120% of the original formula, on some medications, in the USA. Thus a generic may vary from 80 to 120% against, the original. "The catch is this.......the FDA does not regulate the "bioavailability"
of how your body breaks down the drug, once it enters your system, thus, this is where the "binders and fillers" come into significant play, with a number of psychotropic drugs. Examples: the "bioavailability" differs substantially, with the hypnotic, zolpidem tartrate, the brand name for "Ambien" and "Stillnox,
originally patented by Searle Pharmaceuticals in 1993,
later bought out or merged with the French congomerate pharmaceutical firm Sanofi. Also, the binders and fillers used by huge firms, like, Sanofi, are of often of much more superior quality, than the "mad rush by the competition of much smaller generic manufacturers, as in the "Ambien case" there were 16 competitors, that were once struggling for their share of the No 1 selling hypnotic, in the USA, and the complaints on the internet were rampant, with that hypnotic, and still exist, due to the cheap fillers used by some firms, causing a uneven, absorbtion rate, or once could say a "uneven release rate" of the actiive ingredient, Why is this? the price difference can be remarkable, and cheap fillers, allow a pharma mfg, to wholesale the pill in question, a lot cheaper, with substandard fillers and binders. Example: Brand Ambien AWP (Average Wholesale Price in 1995 was $153.14 for 100 ten mg tabs, plus, the normal, traditional mark-up of 20% on top of that. By 2010, 3 yrs after this product became generic in the USA, Sanofi, charged almost $6.00 per pill, due to many price increases "before the patent expired" (gouging) and after the patent expired, (gouging) due to patient complaints, of poor quality with the many competitors.
Source: REDBOOK 2009, "Pharmacys Fundamental Reference" 113th yr of publication.
In the case of the top selling benzo in the USA, "Xanax", Upjohn's patent expired years ago, and, Pfizer is the parent company, one of the largest, if not the largest pharma firm in the modern world. Twelve competitors, made legally alprazolam, in 2009, in the USA, with 17 different Orange Book FDA therapeutic rating equivalence codes. (with generic alprazolam total number of prescriptions fillled in the calender year 2008 at 43,585,790 "making it in the top ten selling generic drugs in the USA in that year, vs approximately, only one million prescriptions for brand name "Xanax" by Pfizer/Upjohn. The popular 2 mg Xanax "Bars" sold wholesale to USA pharmacies in 2009 for a bottle of one hundred rectangular breakaway bars @$392.20 with a Deep Discounted rate, of $$326.83 if the pharmacy, like a large chain, purchased a large quantity, or contracted to buy a large quantity over a specified time, "plus the 20% markup" a consumer, could be paying, without insurance, a cash price of as much as $3.92 per 2 milligram Xanax brand elongated tablet each, vs. $1.96 Average Wholesale Price, for either a Greenstone, or a Sandoz two mg. bar. The cheapest Alprazolam in 2009 (to the USA pharmacies, were, the UDL brand, but not in the 2 mg bar, but the 1 mg. tab, @ $110.07 AWP + the 20% historical markup, with, Dava Pharma @ $196.45 for 100 two mg bars AWP, and, Actavis, @ $196.45 for 100 two mg bars.
In 2009 Actavis, Greenstone, and Sandoz also offered USA pharmacies a tad lower discount if they ordered bottles of 1,000 tabs at a time, of the 2 mg "famous bars"..again, in individual 1,000 count larger bottles.
IMHO, the best alprazolam, to compare, equally in the superior quality of Upjohn (now Pfizer) Xanax, are the
Gador Pharmaceutical 2 mg bars, sold in 3 countries in South America, called "Alplax", with Gador hdqtrs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The quality absolutely stellar!
but very rare, these days in the here and now outside of Argentina, or Paraguay, etc.

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