Xanax Drs Long Island New York

Ny help Says:

Need a dr that understands anxiety. This is from after the birth of my son and 1 mg barely takes away my issue. I need a dr that is non judgmental and willing to help. I'm on Long Island... And just want to get through this. I am not addicted to these at all, but when my anxiety is bad. I can't function. Please help.

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EDDY Says:

All doctors are judgmental. You should be able to find a Doctor that can assist you in a big area like New York?

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Ny help Says:

Eddy, if it were only that easy! I'm bear NYC, but I really have to stay local. Plus you can be viewed as a dr shopper so easily... I'm just trying to find one non judgements and willing to treat me!!!! Most drs these days are treating the public service announcements and not the patient.

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EDDY Says:

I don't know what the State/Local laws are like with the PSA's you speak about but I assume they are tougher. While I would never suggest Doctor shopping, you might check Pain Clinics or a Psych doctor if you can afford it. I can't!

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Danny22 Says:

You can try Dr Syed A Rasheed MD he's in Wayne NJ and has an office in Paramus NJ as well he started me out on a small dose and increases a little each time

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Ny help Says:

I can't afford it either!!!! It's easier to get on the streets... Isn't that sad??? I'm not advocating that, but if I could buy my dosage on the street, without the cost of a damn psychiatrist who hits me at 180-375 a visit, why not get on street lol. A pain managing dr won't help with anxiety, or do they???? Have you been successful in New York

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EDDY Says:

Most of the Pain places out here on the west Coast are Pill Mills. I don't know why doctors risk their ticket? A visit with a doc might cost $75, and a bottle of 90 2 mg Xanax bars is about $25 at Walmart. You don't want to be popped for a felony!

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William Bruno Says:

Im dealing w the same issues......just moved back here from florida. My anxiety is off the charts......Im in the babylon area. Tried primary care dr and looked at me like a junkie......been suffering w anxiety for over 20 yrs. Please if you know any non judgemental dr plz advise me. Thank You

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mike Says:

Late post but was just wondering if you had any luck I'm in the same boat and in the Babylon area been really struggling. Hope to here back sorry so late

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JOHN Says:


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Angel54 Says:

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I am not sure if you found someone already...but I am not far from you at all...my doctor is AMAZING! He has absolutely no problem prescribing Xanax for those that have true anxiety issues.....I also suffer from severe anxiety...He is understanding and not judgmental at all....For the past 2 or so years..I go monthly for my script 1mg 3x a day...never a problem always pleasant and friendly....I do not know where I would be without him...If you truly need help I would recommend Dr. Michalowicz in Bay Shore

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Angel54 Says:

Re: mike (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Mike I know this is an old post I hope you have found someone to help you by now as I know how much anxiety affects your everyday life....if you have not found some help I have posted some information on the post above yours.....Sending well wishes!

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Julie caradona Says:

Yes I need my medicine Xanax I used to take back in 2013

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