Xanax And Alprazolam

toby Says:

How do the white round alprazolam 2mg compare to the white xanax 2mg bars? My doctor told me generic brands can be up to 30% weaker or 30% stronger. Also the yellow 2mg aprazolam bars. How do these 3 rank in potency or whatever?

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Verwon Says:

Your doctor is right, on all except the percentage, the allowable difference by the FDA is plus or minus 20%, not 30. They consider this an acceptable therapeutic window.

As to how any compare to the name brand, you are not going to get any information from just providing the color, since they don't actually mean anything and doesn't tell anyone who the manufacturer is.

There are several yellow and white tablets on the market that contain Alprazolam, but they are made by different companies and therefore, can have different potency.

Can you post back with the markings or more information on the specific ones you are asking about?

Then, we may be able to provide you with more information.


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What is the difference between ativan 1mg and alprazolam .25mg strength?

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candy Says:

ativan stronger .25 xanax is weakest they make

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goodtimes40 Says:

THERES no difference in the brand.. ive had both and did the pepsi challenge and wrong when trying to choose which bar it was...it all is what your body gets used to..switch generics every now and then and youll get swear they are better but there all same...yellow, white...just stay away from the green bars they suck...really suck...like dont barely work..this said, most generics are fine.

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Train Says:

I got mylan round white xanax pills for 2 years and switched pharmacies. Now i get the yellow xanax R039 that seem stronger and then sometimes the pharmacy runs out of the yellow bars so they give me white bars that say "x anna x" on the back, a 2 on the front, and are kinda skateboard shaped bc the ends are fatter. I was wondering, are the white and yellow bars stronger than the 2mg mylan A4 white pills? What's the difference between them and which one works better so i know what's best to ask for when i get my script filled?

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Train Says:

I have another question. Idk if u can ask this but I've been on xanax for years. I use to take 4 bars a day bc I got severe anxiety and my new doctor will only give me 2 a day. I have anxiety so bad I feel like my bones are jumping out of my chest and feel like im having a heart attack a lot of the time and my doctor for some reason will not even give me 3 a day. Please help if u know of an answer. Thank u.

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