Wt S The Oxi Be Tablet Uses And Side Effects

swetha yul Says:

i am swetha 45 years old i am suffering for severve tooth ache doctor prescribed 2 types tablets but no use i didnt got relief form tooth ache my neighbour my recomended abt Oxi-Be tablet i want to know the uses and there side effects of OXi-Be tablet and i have thyriod problem is there any side effects of OXi -Be brings for thyroid

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Nidhi soni Says:

Beta carotene, selenium, copper manganese &zinc sulfate capsule
Pls send its uses

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vik Says:

Oxi Be Capsule contains Beta-Carotene, Elemental Copper, Elemental Manganese, Selenium Dioxide and Zinc Sulphate as active ingredients.

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