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denise Says:

My son had a terrible experience on wyvance. He has phyciatic systems to include halluciations. The doctor took him off the drup cold turkey and Ihe seems to be having withdrawal systems? Is that normal?

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Kat Says:

When I was on Vyvanse, I'd have a boost of energy about an hour or so into it and that would last maybe 1-2 hours but then it would turn from motivation to major anxiety. I would also have what I would describe as 'mini panic attacks' and little things would start worrying me in major ways. In the evenings, I suppose when the Vyvanse would wear off, I would sometimes feel depressed/down and very anti-social. All and all I found that I was on a rollercoaster of emotions while taking it. I have now been off of it for about 3 weeks or so and I cannot believe how much better I feel! No more anxiety, no mood swings, I feel upbeat and social but in a moderate, calm way. I can't believe I took Vyvanse and put up with the side effects for an entire year. I guess I thought I'd miss the 'rush' but my peace of mind has been a much better trade-off.

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John Says:

I have been on 50 mgs Vyanse for approx 10 months now, and I have stayed at 50 mgs the entire time, never once increasing the dosage. I do like the initial euphoria or burst of energy in the morning, however the comedown in the afternoon has become unbearable. I get extremely irritable, depressed, have terrible thoughts, and sometimes get emotional over stupid things. I desperately want to quit this medication for good, but to be honest, I am a little terrified of the withdrawal that could take place. Over time, I have become extremely dependant on this medication. In the past 10 months since I have started taking the med, I have yet to miss a day because I don't honestly think I could function without it. I feel as if it is the only thing that gives me any motivation to wake up in the morning and go to work. I love the initial "high" so much that I have been willing to sacrifice feeling like absolute crap during the other 80% of the day. ... I don't know how I should go about quitting......cold turkey or slowly weaning??? I am very afraid of getting panic attacks and possibly losing my job due to lack of motivation if I quit Vyvanse cold turkey. Any ideas or thoughts of comfort would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Kat Says:

I had the very same fears when I was considering giving up Vyvanse but I'm SO glad I did it. My main side effects were feeling very tired with bad headaches at times...but I could still get up and go to work. Although I wasn't as productive, I still got things done at work while going through the withdrawal. Now, that it's over, I can't tell you how much I love being back to my old self. Yeah, no more little buzz but not having that afternoon anxiety is well worth it. I didn't realize how angry and irritable I had been for that year on Vyvanse...until I gave it up. Oh and I stopped cold turkey. I couldn't wean...I either want it daily or I have to cut it out entirely. I took the last pill in my prescription and that was that. Doctor said it was okay to do also. Good luck to you...it's hard to give up but personally I am SO glad I did!

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Kat Says:

Jeff - P.S. - I too was very worried that I wouldn't be able to accomplish anything at work...and elsewhere if I gave up Vyvanse. In addition, I loved the 'buzz' and was very reluctant to give that up. As it turns out, I am able to get things done...and sometimes I have to give myself an extra push...but things are accomplished and I feel really good I can do that without the medication. I wish you all of the best...hang in there...there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

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50sgal Says:

Do whatever it takes to stop the Vyvanse and stop it safely! While on it, my son felt good for a few hours in the morning, but felt lousy as it wore off. He also developed a very noticeable tic and bad headaches; he became very angry. He tapered off and became even angrier, threatened suicide and threatened to hurt his family. He was the most docile person before this evil drug. IT IS VERY DANGEROUS!!!!!

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Mary Says:

I totally agree about the danger of the Vyvanse. I think my bipolar husband has some brain damage from taking it for so long. Now that he has gotten off of it he is still having more episodes than before the Vyvanse. I hope he can heal and that it will happen soon.

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Piezo Says:

I am grateful for this discussion. I have been taking Vyvanse for about 1 year for ADHD. I'm 39 and was finally diagnosed. At first, my eyes seemed to open up and I felt crisp, alert, awake, and alive. I think I was able to focus better, but I still couldn't keep myself from jumping around from project to project. I could, however, just keep going until I got all my work done. At 3 am. or 4, or 5, or just stay up all night and keep going. I also was rarely hungry for about 5 hours after taking the V in the morning when I woke. I dragged until it kicked in after 1-1.5 hours. Then I was going strong again. I lost only 10 pounds (am normal weight) since I tried to remember to force myself to eat. If I didn't eat by the time the V kicked in, I felt very strong nausea. And if I drank coffee at the same time, it make the effects too strong (shaky). I was on 40 mg to start, then dropped to 30 b/c I was shaking more and was irritable and grumpy more often as the year went on. Finally, I decided to stop taking it 3 weeks ago. I have been SO unbelievable TIRED (like when I was SUPER hypothyroid before getting thyroid replacement hormone). I also feel pretty depressed and a bit hopeless. I can't do my work at all. I am too tired, don't care, am negative about work. And it's been about 3 weeks! I feel like I could topple over I am so tired. But no other symptoms that make me think it's my thyroid. I am relieved to see others have had these withdrawal symptoms as well, but disheartened to realize I'm still feeling this so many days later than the others. I fall asleep at work all day long. I am getting about 7 hours of sleep a night, too, which is more than I usually get. I think I've covered it all! thanks for the board.

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elfmom Says:

My daughter was switched from her adderall to Vyvanse, and I could not believe the personality change (negative), hostility & anger this drug created in her! Please avoid this drug if at all possible. I am an RN working in Psych, and alerted her to these changes. She could not perceive them in herself. Now that she is back on Adderall, she is her old self. I would like to see her get off of that, too, but she has to be the one to decide that and learn to taper off correctly and safely. Check out the website called The Road Back to safely taper off of any psychoactive medications.

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Vickie Says:

My 16 year old daughter started taking Vyvanse 40mg. On the third day she developed constant uncontrollable leg jerking. I had her immediately stop taking it and now six days after her last dose, she still has this adverse effect. She'll be referred to a specialist within the next couple of days if these adverse reactions continue. We're hoping this is not a permanent damage. I wouldn't recommend this medication to anyone. She has taken Adderall and Strattera in the past with minimal side effects.

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Mary Says:

My husband has a new psychiatrist now who says his brain is inflamed from the Vyvanse. He is still having bi-polar episodes, unfortunately. The doc says Vyvanse creates a high flow of dopamine creating the hostility. He is now on two calming drugs to try to counteract the overflow of dopamine.

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Was pro Vy - why? Says:

I am also so relieved to read about the experiences of all of you...saddend at the same time though. The understanding I have about ADD meds is this: if you feel a High then it's not the med you need, if you get energy boosts, etc. that's not the purpose for your add and your brain needs an add med that serves a different partof the brain. If it helps you focus then it's the right one. I have sampled MANY add meds: focalin, Adderall XR, Adderall, Ritalin, Time release Ritalin, Straterra. I went on Vyvanse last year b/c I was expereincing headaches and teeth grinding at the end of the day with my Adderall. Vyvanse seemed to solve that problem. I ran out of V recently and had plenty of adderall so decided to go back to the adderall after the V while I am looking for a new DR. who is closer to where I live. I stopped V about3 weeks ago. I feel AWFUL! I thought I had teh flu, my general practitioner ran all sorts of bloodtests to find out what my fatigue is from. After reading all of this - I think I know! Hindsight is 20/20 for sure... over the last year I would pick at my face, like at small bumps that are not even noticable but my picking and touching would cause the bumps to enlarge or get infected and more pimples were prevalent. In the 3 weeks since quitting the V I don't pick, my skin is clear...a tick from the V probably. THe fatigue is killing me, but is gradually getting better. I ahven't been sad, hostile, etc. just sleepy! I am hopeful that this will pass soon. For those of you who talk about the perk and teh high - I'd say get away soon- go to something else w/the help of your dr. I was open w/ my DR. and shared things like I feel up and then I crash, I can go all night w/o s;leeping or work all day on 1-2 hours of sleep and he always said that I shouldn't feel that, I should only have a sensation of focus. I tried a lot of meds- for short periods od time - some 1 or 2 days b/c I knew immediately it wasn't what I needed.
I stayed focused on my Goal - focus and order - I didn't go to the doctor looking for an energy pill to become the energizer rabbit who keeps going and going, I wanted something to help me be successful and focused so wasn't having panic attacks about my life and the variables within my life not be under TOTAL CONTROL by me. OCD was my non-medicated method of managing my ADD. When things couldn't be totally controlled I freaked - thus began my journey of Adult ADD and add medication sampling. I would recommend talking to your Dr. about ANYTHING you feel. I am glad that so many of you have enlightened me with your honesty.

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Steve Says:

This drug is highly addictive. It makes food smell bad and KILLS appetite. While it helps with focus 70mg does not last as long as it should and the buzz it gives (thirty minutes - just like cocaine) is too strong, tempting abuse. Honestly, I don't know what my psychiatrist was thinking. How are these people getting away with saying it's not addictive? Because you can't snort it? So what? So I suppose all drugs in all pill form are now not addictive? Withdrawl last about a week and begins about twelve hours after last dose. In other words, this is not a twenty four hour drug. If you cant sleep, there is an extreme chance that you will want to take it again at 3 am. It also can make you hyper sexual while making erections hard to achieve at the same time. It is amazing to me that the FDA let this drug out and that doctor drug dealers are pushing it. The only pleasant part of withdraw is when you start to appreciate food again and your jaw steps hurting. Just another stimulant, folks. Horrifying that they are putting children on this stuff. Horrifying.

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Ben Says:

Vyvanse was great at first. Than like everyone else we noticed some tendencies. Explosive outbursts. Hostility, development of personality disorders, headaches, leg cramping and pain.
Withdrawal symptoms for me are still 4 weeks out. The rage is now controllable but still present, just not nearly as strong. The tiredness and lethargy are present. I am more irritable, but it is different from when I was on Vyvanse. Also my wife and I noticed that the explosive outbursts were as the vyvanse was wearing off.

But so everyone remembers, this is a class 2 controlled substance. It is also an amphetamine. Everything that has been spouted about it is secondary to those two facts.

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Chrissy Says:

This post is so helpful! I started taking 50mg of Vyvanse about a year ago. It helped me a lot and I finally finished college after 8 years of quitting and resuming the pursuit of my degree. Graduated last December. I have since had a lot of trouble regaining my footing and structuring to my life. I have had trouble making decisions and become overwhelmed very easily. I have yet to pursue steady work, though I have occasional random jobs. I have very little motivation and direction and assumed that depression must be creeping in.

This month my Dr. increased my dose to 60mg at my request, to see if we could shake this rut. It had the total opposite effect! I felt like a zombie! Could not, and still cannot get anything done! It seemed to exacerbate the things I was hoping to fight. After 2 weeks on 60mg I realized that the increased dosage was the likely cause that turned my lethargy into complete and utter apathy. Somehow my apathy stopped me from considering the increased dose to be the culprit. I thought the creeping depression had finally gotten me.
My Doc is in China right now, so I couldn't call him, but researching symptoms of overstimulation, I remembered he advised me to open the capsule and poor 10% out to return to the 50mg I was accustomed to if I felt that 60mg was too much. I began doing this one week ago. I immediately felt better! I'm still not myself, however.

I am dependent on Vyvanse in the same capacity as previous commentators, but I plan to get weaned off as soon as possible with the guidance of a doctor. On Monday I will be seeing a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist with whom I made an appointment when I was a 60mg zombie, due to bouts of depression that swept through the numbness. I am keeping the appointment even though the severity of my symptoms is less. I still need solutions to pursue all of the things I wish to do, and I want immediate guidance in learning to handle my ADD post-college. I thought Vyvanse would continue to help me, but reading these posts and feeling this way has led me to believe Vyvanse is the reason I cannot wrap my brain around my life. ADD is a problem I have lived with my whole life. It has never led to total incapacitation no matter how frustrated it can make me.

I have been pouring a little more than 10% out to see if I can begin the weaning process. I have had 3 nights of restlessness, and last night I did not sleep at all, but managed to nap today from 11am to 1pm. I read that insomnia can be a symptom of withdrawal. Adjusting my dose manually may have brought this on, but with my Doc away, and having to wait til Monday to for my CBT appointment, I have little choice. Today I only took about 35-40mg, hoping it'd help me sleep tonight. This was before before I read about withdrawal insomnia. I hope tonight is not the same as last night. Ugh.
I had no idea how much Vyvanse has been disrupting my life until I increased the dosage and my symptoms went from bad to incapacitating. Though I've decreased the dose and feel a little better, I must say I cannot wait to be off this drug!

Has anyone else experienced insomnia from total withdrawal or from a reduced dosage?

Thanks to everyone who shared their experience! So good to know there is hope!

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H.p Says:

I've been on vyvanse for a little over a year now , first started at 50 mg after trying concerta and adderall which didn't seem to help with anything. The vyvanse gives me the energy to do anything I need and get done. It seems me ADD has manifested into OCD. intense adominal pain at times, constipation and dirreaha i first also had sleep problems which dissapated with time. After my abdominal symptoms I went to a gastronologist and recieved both a upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. These tests just showed GERD. similiar to acid reflux, i believe this is the reseult of the vyvanse. I have been taking benefiber ever so often and it has relieved some bowel problems. Withing the first 6 months on vyvanse I lost alost 15-20 pound i never felt better about myself in my life. Getting great grades in school with intense concentration. Still socially interactive ,Now after a year has passed 50mg's no longer has the same effect on me. I am feeling unmotivated and almost antisocial. also I have read in previous post and have similiar symptoms of picking and scratching at my skin. I have been dating my boyfriend for year while I have been on this , and just recenlty switched to 70mgs I felt the same inital help boost i first felt when I took the 50mg when i was first diagnosed. However, I have gained all the weight I had lost back, and extremely quickly. Whenever I do not take this drug I am completly unmotivated and sleep and rest most of the day with not interest in anything. I am alomost through with my BA in college, I feel as if I need this drug to function. WHAT DO I DO?

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Poppy31 Says:

To everybody out there who is experiencing or has experienced withdrawal symptoms from stopping Vyvanse, especially Nick70mg.... I stopped my Vyvanse last Friday, 30 mg, and I am experiencing every single withdrawal symptom mentioned on these posts. I feel like I am 'out of it', like I took a huge dose of allergy sinus medication (which makes me spacey) and the effects won't wear off. I am scared that this won't stop. I know at this point I am addicted to the stuff.......... do I just try my best to ride out the withdrawal symptoms, even though a part of me wants to refill the script?

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Poppy31 Says:

H.p...................please contact me!!!!!

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Edward Says:

I have been taking Vyvance since the Sept 12, It seem to be a miracle to me really working great! Then about 2 weeks ago I started having panic attacks little shor ones and thinking about suicide. 3 night ago I though I was having a hard attact and was rushed to the hospital my heart is okay, I stopped taking vyvance and Panic attacks and feeling like i am going to have a heart attack is almost a daily occuance. Its been horrible, hands tingle, pain in cheast, sweaat, hot flushes in my face, emotions all over the place. God help me get through this withdrawl

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Poppy31 Says:

Edward, what you are going through IS withdrawal. I just went through withdrawal from Vyvanse, and yes, some of the symptoms you are experiencing are indeed Vyvanse withdrawal symptoms. For some people, taking an amphetamine medication can alter their mood............... usually when there is an underlying mood disorder. If medications like Vyvanse affect your mood, which seems to be the case, they are not good for you. The withdrawal symptoms generally last 5 to 7 days; that is what my pharmacist told me, and that is what I experienced. Are things getting any better for you now?

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Poppy31 Says:

Edward, please know that the withdrawal symptoms will decrease each day, and each day you will feel more like your old self. The whole withdrawal ordeal is tough, but it doesn't last long. And you WILL get through this, I promise.

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