Withdrawal From Suboxone And How Long It Lasts


I've been taking 4mg a day of suboxin for 2 years and I didn't really taper of lime I should have.. Now it's day 12 without anything and skin is still crawling and feeling crappy.. How much longer till somewhat normal??

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DeeDee Says:

Jason stopped taking it after 2 years and I was finished with withdrawals after aprox 6-7 weeks. I actually got worse around 2 weeks because I stopped sleeping which caused severe PAWS. I had to go on sleeper and restless leg med to survive. It's been 5 months and zero issues except I still take restless leg med but much better.

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VerFree Says:

There is a great article on MedlinePlus about opiate withdrawal.

Unfortunately, there is no real way to say how long it may take, since we are all different. You may follow a time frame similar to DeeDee, or yours could be longer, or shorter. When I stopped opiates after being on high doses for a long period of time for pain management, it took approximately 2 months, though after the first few weeks, things slowly improved each day. What drove me the most crazy was the rebound pain in my joints.

How are you feeling, now? Has there been any change?

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Krandall Says:

WOW! I've been on 0.5 mg for a little over a year after in-patient "detoxing" at a local hospital for 7 days. I had been prescribed increasing doses of Oxy for 13 years and was up to 90 mg/day when I just couldn't take it anymore, as it wasn't really addressing the pain after so long. Since I have severe GERD I can't take any NSAIDS, so acetaminophen and Suboxone are the only things I can take for my peripheral neuropathy (and now aging pains, including 5 herniated discs, both cervical and lumbar).

When I was discharged from my detox I was prescribed Raprinarole 2mg tabs, which I took at night to keep from walking up the walls. It's miraculous for detox symptoms, especially for the leg stuff. See if you can get your doctor to prescribe that for you. It's a life saver. Good luck to you and everyone going through this.

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Snafu Says:

Re: VerFree (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Can you please post a link to the article? There is so much info on that site I cannot find it. Thanks

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