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jumpman23 Says:

Hi, i live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and i find that it is very difficult to the find a doctor in pain managemnt who will prescribe the right types of narcotics to effectively releave my chronic back pain. Any suggestions would be great. Thanx

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David Says:

I may not have a personal doctor I can refer you to, but I did locate a few pain management specialists in your general area who may be worth trying out:

James Lincer, MD
Spinal Rehabilitation Assoc.
2015 E Newport Ave Ste 60
Milwaukee, WI 53211
Phone: (414) 963-1250
Fax: (414) 963-8771

Daniel Minkel, MD
Anethesiology Associates Of Wi
1231 E Donges Ct
Milwaukee, WI 53217
Phone: (414) 649-6318
Fax: (414) 649-7417

Lawrence Howards, MD
2305 W Woodbury Ln
Milwaukee, WI 53209
Phone: (414) 352-4235

William Faber, DO
Milwaukee Pain Clinic
6529 W Fond Du Lac Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53218
Phone: (414) 464-3680

I hope this info helps and wish you good luck on finding the right doctor!

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wisco Says:
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Jumpman, did you have any success with the drs. That David suggested? I know that omni drs help as well, but not for me because i have fm. I need a new pm clinic in mke, does anyone have some suggestions?

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c Says:
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Yes there's Dr. husan out of St. joes people if u go to one on hwy100 u don't have to wait 4 hours at her other clinics. But shel give u to much she had the nerve to tell me this is first time u came in with ur eyes open in a year I thought u were gonna od any day here's ur scripts! The amounts she was given me O'Hara said I Shud b dead. B careful ul have so many narcotics in insane high doses n she don't care

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linda Says:
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Do u have Dr hussans address and phone number on why 100

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Theresa Says:

I am desperately seeking Dr. Husan's information. Please help:)

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Tribe Of The Lion Says:
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Please Do Not see Dr. Hasan. I saw her for 8 years and in the beginning, her and her staff really showed compassion and concern for the patients in pain. However, the last 3 years of seeing her suddenly turned into one big huge nightmare.

First off, the waiting time to be called in is excruciating. And if you are seeing Dr. Hasan, who arrives at her clinic just whenever she feels like it, you could be waiting for hours after your appointment time just to be called into the room. And if you complain or yell about the wait, she or her nurse practitioners drop you Instantly.

I never had a problem with failing a U/A or blood work and the one or two times I asked her to fill my meds early due to going out of state, she required me to bring the ones I had for a med count prior to an early refill. I did that and was never short on my meds.

Despite all of my passing of the un-necessary monthly U/A and blood work which she uses just to drain your insurance, Dr. Hasan kept lowering and lowering my pain meds until I either had to take some from other days in order to work my job with less pain, or not work at all due to increased pain. She had set me up for failure after 8 long years of being a dedicated patient.

And so, suddenly and without warning, her staff called and insisted I bring my meds in for a count. She had Never done that before. But I did as was instructed and told them beforehand that I was some pills short due to the continuous cutting down of my meds.

When I arrived and asked to go With the nurse for the count, I was refused. But before and after, the employee at the desk named Traey counted them with me and saw how little short I was.

The next appointment, a month later, Dr. Hasan said the nurse documented I was way more short on my pain meds than I actually was. In other words, Dr. Hasan set me up, had her nursing staff lie in my chart, and then she Discharged me as her patient...without warning and without a referral.

She has violated the rules and regulations set forth by the AMA and if I wanted to, I could of gotten her in much trouble. I later learned that she was doing this same ordeal to other patients as well. I have also learned that she had gotten into some trouble with the DEA and other authority, and was desperate to salvage her career. Former employees had told me this.

I have since found a real true pain management doctor. He and his whole staff really care about their patients. There are no unnecessary multiple U/A's and blood work. Finding this kind and compassionate pain management doctor, who is rated one of the Best And Most Compassionate in Wisconsin, makes me wish I would of dumped Dr. Hasan and found my new doctor 4 years ago.

I was completely honest with my new doctor about what had happened. For a month I was fearful that he nor any other pain doctor would treat me after being wrongfully discharged by Hasan. I'd heard the horror stories about this.

But I was extremely joyous and happy when he accepted me and started me on almost the same amount of pain meds I was receiving from Hasan! No more 5 to 7 hours of waiting to be seen. No more uppity disrespectfulness like I had been getting from Hasan and her staff.

Dr. Hasan starts out being ohh so nice. But after a while, her true colors start showing and she is like a wolf in sheep's clothing. Thanks for reading and I truly do hope that you heed my warning to stay away from Dr. Hasan!! The above is only how I saw what happened...how I viewed it. The statements I made about Dr. Nosheen Hasan and her staff are my opinions Only, and are made Only from my sole experience with them, and also from what former employees and co-workers have shared.

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lild Says:
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You're full of it.no doctor is going to do or say that

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Theresa Says:
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Hey, thank u for your post. I think I will be getting referred to Dr. Hasan. Now, I am completely panicked! I saw my old doc for 5 years and was prescribed methadone for pain, which helped millions. My meds were cut, I was seeing Dr. Setti until he retired and then the 12 docs I saw after, had me up and down in my script. I was short, dirty for that reason, and discharged, no questions asked. I am desperately seeking a genuine doc who actually cares about me. Please, tell me where u go now. I'm horrified of going to Dr. Hasan now but I am desperate for my meds.

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bunny Says:

Who is your new Dr. I was let go also

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K Says:
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Dr. at Omni in Milwaukee passed away... so sad!!! I would really really appreciate anyones advice on a new doc!!! The other doc Dr. Okusanya (at Omni) prescribed scripts for two months after and when i tried to make my monthly appt,
I was told he can no longer do so... we all have to find new doctors! They REALLY NEEDED to explain that at last appointment!! Does anyone know of a doctor who will prescribe 30mg oxycodone & 60mg morphine? I'd soo appreciate any HELP!!!

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JenBunny Says:
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Hi. I really hope you'll respond to my message. My pain dr left the practice and the dr who took over my care told me I'm too young to need pain meds and only offered me injections. I have a chronic, progressive disease called ankylosing spondylitis that is severe. Id really appreciate it if you could tell me the name of the dr you see, as he seems like a very good, compassionate physician. Thank you!

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JenBunny Says:
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My response was for you, Tribe of the Lion. Sorry if that wasn't clear before. Thank you!

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Sanmarie Says:

Hey, stop it. I also went to doctor Hasan before it became a nightmare. What this person posted was true to what I know that others have gone through.

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Tribe Of The Lion Says:
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I encourage you to call Advanced Pain Managment.

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Tribe Of The Lion Says:
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Dr. Jeremy Scarlett. He works out of Advanced Pain Managment in Manitowoc/West Bend/Sheboygen

However, there are Advanced Pain Managment clinics all over Milwaukee. But Dr. Scarlett is Top Notch!! Hope this helps.

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Tribe Of The Lion Says:
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Dr. Jeremy Scarlett out of Advanced Pain Managment. His offices are in Manitowoc/West Bend/Sheboygen.

Advanced Pain Managment has clinics all over Milwaukee. But I dont know about their other doctors. I just know that the vry day after Dr. Hasan wrongully discharged me last July after 8 years of being under her care, that Nightmare was Finally over.

Anyway, that very day and after praying, God told me to do a computer search. I did that. And on the First page, I was in tears and scrolling down. God then said "Stop Searching!" as soon as I came to Dr. Scarlett. Then He told me to call that number, and "Worry No More, as I have already won this worry for you!" And I tell you, God surely did because I called them and explained what happened...the Truth.

The lady scheduled me for an initial visit right away!! Normally, people need a referral. But she told me my insurance didnt require a referral. And so, summing up, had my first visit and Oh My God, they treated me with such kindness and compassion.

I was completely Honest with Dr Scarlett and his staff. He accepted me as new patient and right away, gave me Close to the amount of meds I Was on. Just recently, he increased my meds. Now I am back to what I was taking with Ole Bag Hasan.

APM and that staff there...they treat me so very good. They treat and talk to me like Im a human being and like I matter. Dr. Hasan and her staff treat patients so freaking poorly...like they are pure trash bums. I would not say that if it wasnt true. She didnt start off like that...or maybe she Did and I just took it thinking thats how Im supposed to be treated...I dont know really.

All I know is that Ole Muslim Bag Of Bones, Hasan, wrongfully discharging me and kicking me while I was already down, was God's Blessing In Disguise. It was the Best Thing that could of ever happened to me via pain managment issues go.

And Everyone, including my Wife and Mom in law, and others that were aware of my nightmare dr. Visits with Hasan, says the same thing. And I dont know what others believe...That is none of my business...

But my belief is in Lord God Jesus Christ. And believe me, this is Not the first time my God Jesus has pulled me out of the "fire!!" I owe Everything to Him!!

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Tribe Of The Lion Says:
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Thank You, Sanmarie...for having my back and for supporting what I said about that dr., Dr. Hasan. Believe me, which I know you do.

But still, it is the Very Truth!! I would Not say it if it wasn't!! When she wrongfully discharged me, Hasan violated so many American Medical Association protocol, rules and guidelines that she was supposed to follow and do prior to discharging a patient...

She violated so many AMA rules, as I stated above, that if I would of called and filed a complaint and litigation, I could of gotten her Dr. License taken away. But "Vengeance Is Mine," Sayeth The Lord!! "I Will Repay!!"

As much as I wanted to seek vengeance against her and make that call, I didn't!! I dont know...Guess I just refused to stoop as low as her (Hasan). Besides, she will be having to answer for her actions. She will experience God's Wrath soon enough!!

Sorry to sound like I am preaching, lol. I am sure not trying to. I just have had some really great Blessings lately. And I am in my rare Very Appreciative mood!! LOL.

But anyway, on a different note, I really do truly Thank You for having my back about this, and letting people know that I am speaking Truth about Dr. Hasan!! Thanx!!

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dustin Says:

Doc Hassan was the best pain doc I've seen. I was with her for over 6 years at the one on Appleton ave. I was discharged due to a dirty u/a that was my fault. If you follow her rules you will be just fine. Phone number there is 414-444-8670.

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Tribe Of The Lion Says:
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That is what I thought about her too. I mean, if people like waiting for hours and hours past their appointment time, and being looked down on as less than human. And if you like having to give both blood and u/a's at every single appointment.

And if you like, out of nowhere and for no reason, your meds suddenly start getting cut down and being lied to about reasons why. I could go on and on here.

But if people are ok with these, then be my guest!! Go and see her. My words about her and her staff are honest and true. If I did something wrong that validated being discharged from her, esp after 8 yrs of never failing any drug panels and always on the money with my meds, I would be the First one to admit it. But it was not like that...at all.

And many other past patients of hers has back up this.

I praise God for my new pain doctor and his staff. They really care about their patients and never talk down or look down on them. And the most I have ever had to wait to be seen there was about 40 mins past my appt. time. That was due to just after holidays and they were swamped. Usually I am seen either earlier than my appt. time or right at it.

It is just a very pleasant change!! Ohh, and my new pm...They do perform random u/a's. But not at every single appt. You just never know when though. So you still have to be clean!!

Anyway, that was how it was with my exp with Dr. Hasan. Maybe I was just under her care too long and it was time for a change.

But whatever God chose as the reason for my wrongful discharge from Dr. Hasan, He obviously had a much better plan and purpose for me!! And I love Him for it!! Thanks For Reading!!

The views expressed here are from my personal experience and outlook with this doctor. They are not meant to defame or degrade Dr. Hasan in any way. And should be considered as my personal views Only!!

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In serious pain Says:
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I have a bullet wound to my back and the bullet is still there. I missed a pill count due to work. And was discharged unfortuneatly. Can someone PLEASE recommend a Dr that will prescribe for me?????? PLEASE.

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