Will I Have Suboxone Withdrawal?

Josh Says:

ive took 16mg of suboxone for 1 year. i tapered down to 4mg in just 7 days. then i jumped from the 4mg.
its been 10 days.NOTHING!? i had mild nasal issues on day 3, but none of the other terrible symptoms.yet...?
should i expect it to come this far into it, or did i just become one of the 1% of people that r lucky enough to not have issues? thanks for any replies! and good luck to everyone whos stopping this medicine. i had to stop, it was making me not feel like a person, its like i was void of emotion.
anyone heard of anyone getting withdrawals after this long?

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Terri Says:

SOUNDS TO ME LIKE YOU MAY BE LUCKY. I had symptoms at day 2 and they peaked by day 7. then lasted till the 10th day before easing. Im on day 22 and the
PAWS are a pain! good luck though, i hope for your sake that you did dodge the train.its hell.

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Vernon Says:

ive heard of a few people who r lucky and dont go into withdrawl, but i never personally known these people, just hear the rumors.
but hey, u made it this far, so thats gotta count for something. just keep ur thoughts positive that ur gonna quit. alot of it is mental, and if u really r ready to quit because u chose to, and not because u ran out or got cut off, then u WILL have an easier time.thats my 2cents anyhow. stay strong!

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Jesse S Says:

hello, the first time i tried to quit suboxons, i started having Withdrals on the 5th day and i tapered down to 2MG b4 i quit. i gave in and took 8mg for the next yr before deciding to taper again. in 2 months i made it to 4MG and jumped off the stuff. i made it to day 6, then had the mildest of syptoms and RLS was the worst of them. on days 7-8, i almost caved in and gave up, but the clouds broke on day 10 and i saw the light. but it took 6 months to feel 100%.
id say if you did not have the withdrawals, then awesome! but its the post acute stuff that may get you. Just fight on. im 2 years without looking back. its possible. keep at it!

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VerFree Says:

Hello Josh! How are you doing? Has here been any change?

Suboxone withdrawal effects may include nausea, rebound pain, headache, restlessness, insomnia, sweating, and seizures.

Ref: Suboxone Withdrawal Information

Some people do manage to stop taking opiates without severe problems, but not everyone.

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