Why Won T Medicare And United Health Paid For My Prescription Of Chlord Clidi 5 2 5m Cap Ocaa This The Only Medication That Helps With Stom

Shirley hodges Says:

The medicine cost 200.00 dollars why doesn't someone let Medicare know this medicine is needed for a lot of seniors. Please help me. Can you send me the name of the manufacture of this pill.

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BL Says:

It isn't Medicare who won't pay for it, United Health which is your Medicare Prescription Part D Drug Plan is the one who won't pay for it. You need to appeal their decision to not pay for it.

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

This is LIBRAX (chlordiaxepoxide HCL and clinidium bromide; the BDP is Librium, a mild tranquilizer and the other is an antispasmodic, anticholinergic.) these are cheap drugs. I remember about 10 years ago order 12 x 100 on a generic manufacturers brand for my Dad It was cheaper than his $5.00 copays! Look at LIRAX on Wikipedia (one of the few drug sites I whole approve of; they're getting better and a LITTLE knowledge is a FAR MORE DANGEROUS THING than a LOT OF KNOWLEDGE. Trust me!) A few years ago some i**** pharmacist (or intern) insisted that LIBRAX was a C-IV drug. I told him I had a PhD in Pharmacology from Yale and I knew the CSA as he never could. He persisted and I said, I"ll phone it in a C-IV drug (which meant paper had to follow.) It always was except, along with DONNATAL (phenobarb), Fkoricet (butalbar), Megrim (Librium) from the list of Controlled Substances. You need to be the holder of a pharmacy license or a licensed prescriber to order any Rx drugs from a drug wholesaler, but 200 for a GNERIC is absurd! I think my Dad is still working on those dozen 100 capsules bottles. That's why I didn't order the cheaper #1000 count. If you store pills properly, they can and often do outlive their EXPY date.

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Esther Says:

But you can call the pharmacy that makes it and apply to possibly get it for free for 12months, usually this what they do. And when the 12th month get filled, you can re-enter a new application or a renewal and get another 12months again

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