White Triangle Pill With Gp Imprinted On 1 Side Scored On The Other Side

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the pill that i am trying to identify is a small white triangle pill that is scored on 1 side for cutting in half and has GP imprinted on the other side. i borrowed my daughter's boyfriends car and these pills were laying on the dashboard.

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Vw Says:

These are illegal anabolic steroids manufactured and sold by a foreign source, Geneza Pharma. They have been banned in the U.S. except for certain vital medical uses and no, these are not any that would be given as a prescription in the U.S.


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AngelPharmacist Says:

WOW... FIRST OF ALL... THE PILL IN WHICH YOU ARE REFERRING TO IS CALLED CLENBUTEROL. WHICH IS NOT AN ANABOLIC STEROID. It is actually a pill given to sufferers with breathing issues and althou clenbuterol is not sold in the US ... It's little brother, Albuterol is. Clen is sometimes used WITH anabolic steroids because of it weight loss factor but is not a steroid it's althou it is controlled substance. THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT AN ANABOLIC STEROID!!!! The specific Clenbuterol you have IS infact made by GENZA PHARM. Which was THE ONE thing did get right. As for it for it "jump starting testerone" .... UMmm YEA ONCE AGAIN, PEOPLE PLEASE , IF YOU HAVE NOW FREAKIN IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT OR THINK YOU DO BECAUSE YOU READ IT ON ONE SITE, PLEASE DON't POST COMMENTS... FOR THE ORIGINALS POSTERS SAKE... AND YOUR OWN CAUSE YOU WIND UP LOOKING LIKE A @#$%^!!! CLENBUTEROL HAS NOTHING... I'LL REPEAT THAT ... N-O-T-H-I-N-G TO DO WITH THE PRODUCTION OF TESTOSTERONE! It is a prescription which, when abused, helps aid in weight loss.... Which is why someone taking steroids MIGHT use it...although not a steroid itself...

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Q Says:

How many Mg are they each ?

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LanunFX Says:

Yes, that's Clenbuterol from Geneza Pharmaceutical...the pill is 40mcg each (0.04mg)

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Fish Says:

Okay so if the clenbuterol is (.04mg) how much should you take before a workout? I have taken Clenbuterol before (liquid form) and it worked. I do not believe it to be a dangerous supplement, it is just not meant for the sole purpose of working out but it helped me cut up big time. But i'm curious of your thoughts on how you should dose the pill form. That is a very very low dosage, correct?

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Matt Says:

Thank you for taking words out of my mouth, it's so scary the things people will says with zero knowledge on this clenbuterol. One person said it's Anavar, like wtf is wrong with you people.

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