White Tablet 5/8 Round Nl4 Imprinted On One Side

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I need to identify a tablet that is about 5/8 round, white with NL4 imprinted on one side

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Crystal Says:

Are there any other markings on the pill? I am having a difficult time locating any pills with this description. Please post back with more information so I can assist you in finding the right pill.

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Susie Says:

Dear Crystal, Did you find what the white tablet marked NL4 was? I have googled it and the only connection I found was for treatment of HIV. Am anxious to know if that is definitely what the tablet is for. The tablet was found in Australia.

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Susie Says:

NL4 is confirmed, by the Australian Poisons Information Service, as a quit smoking lozenge named NICABATE (4 mg.). Thank you to anyone who was trying to assist me.

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Luterese Says:

Had same question About what it was because a friend gave me 1 To take She said it was in muscle relax er Couldn't find any info on it so I asked her again She has a prescription for it And it is called orphenedrine or norflex hope that helps you

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disbelief Says:

I have been using Norflex 100mg every 12 hours for almost 2 years, now. The older pills had E22 on them. About 3 months ago I started getting a pill(supposedly generic Norflex) with NL 4 imprinted on them. The bottle said pill might look different but works the same. This last bottle had a few E22's and the rest were the NL 4's. So, I researched for many hours and found that the latter were Nicorette pills! How can a Pharmacy mess that up for so long?! I've had very bad side effects and no relief from pain, realized why. Legally is there a case here or even a governmental department that I can report this too?

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Justin Says:

Here are 2 links related to medicine with NL4 imprinted. There are 2 sizes, the smaller is 10mm and is Orphenadrine citrate. The larger is 15mm and is a Nicorette lozenge.

Orphenadrine citrate: http://pillbox.nlm.nih.gov/pillimage/search_results.php?getimprint=NL4...

Nicorette: images/domestic/nicotine-polacrilex-nl-4

I hope this helps.

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Alexander Says:

I came to the same conclusion as Justin i.e. Pill with 4NL imprint may be either Nicorette nicotine polacrilex or Orphenadrine. The question remaining is why two entirely different drugs in round white pill form (albeit slightly different sizes) have the same imprint? Who decides/controls the imprinting database?

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