White, Round Pill With The Letter M And The Numbers 134 On One Side And Nothing On The Back

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white, round pill with the letter M and the the numbers 134 on one side and nothing on the other side

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Verwon Says:

This tablet contains 10mgs of Ketorolac, a generic for Toradol, this is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory.

Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, ulcers and edema.

You can read more about this medication here:


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notfunnyinotaddict Says:

3-4 days before dentist they give me this with seroquel i wake up blurry i cant open eyes for hour not kidding i cant read coffeepot dang shix today pulled 2-3 teeth the thing thin my blood i got again 5-7 more shots 1 in tounge some tounge and gumm sewing not 2-4 stiches but -15 or so he ask i took blood thinner not joke i almost faint at end lost about or so 1 fourth of a quart wth and they said wait till 2 more hour then it be over 1 quart or on it percocet no work he not a doctor i want to sue for mail practice wtf it hurts so bad slightly open jaw scream numming not work for me my throat swolen and he was scared i soon cant swallo i had over 12-14 num shot in tounge gums wth shaking so bad u n said suck i n oxycodone methdone or dilauid i not addict but this med made me more pain and he dont study blur vission thin blood and almost everybody bleed in stomach or cramps bad after 5 days i on all i said how and who do i sue for mail practice i shix waste parent life more third time i need shot and meds they dont give oxc i had pruscibed for my back and they alway shorten me out latly i got sever pain i pissed have shix wait wonder i chocke soon it ilfamed help me take it off the market and were go small claim court o so for 40 dollars and it for after surgery u shix world give me more pain i coudlnt read coffee pot so i stoped at night with my seroquel i was crying it came out so much blood filled all over more to write .. band it now before surgery wth he ask my blood was thin every 3-5 mins 2-4 table spoon pure blood no joke he was scared and mail p me ? dont shove me away were good meds? and how i sue i want some money i disabled not u animal so mads

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