White Round Pill With An 627

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I just rec'd 30 of these, but they have NO effect. Tooth/gum pain. Am used to oblong tramadol tablets - which, although weak, have an effect on my pain.

Now we're getting these AN 627s. These are like placebos.

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cj Says:

these are the REAL thing, not a placebo. They are the SAME as the oblong tramadol.

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Verwon Says:

AN 627 does contain 50mgs of Tramadol, however, there can be some differences in generic drugs, so they may not work as well as the others you were getting.

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Malkan 54 Says:

These don't seem to be as strong as some of the other tramadol I have taken, such as the Mylan. I don't know why. There should be no reason for this. If u buy a genertic it should act the same as a brand. This pill should be reported and looked into to find out what we are spending money on. It works, but not as strong as others.

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dlc Says:

These are what the VA gives out. I am sure they wouldn't use them if they were not as strong as the name brand. I have read elsewhere that people suspect the generic tramadol pills are not as strong, but I think they have simply built up a tolerance to the medication, which happens fairly quickly with any pain medication.

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Rob Says:

I don't know about tolerance, considering I stopped taking them for a little over a week with the Mylan version, but when I started taking these AN 627 a week and a half after not taking any, these don't seem to give the same relief or even that slight kinda buzz feeling. It does relieve pain though, so at least it's working somewhat. I've taken the max dosage per day of 400 mg's, and still didn't reach the same effect, so perhaps it's slightly different to some degree when it comes to the synthesis of the actual formula. I'm currently taking it for Fibromyalgia pain, so thats why I am able to take so much, my tolerance is high anyway. Could be worse, withdrawals are hell.

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Mindy Kimball Says:

K. This should help. I have been on Tramadol (Ultram) for 9 years, it took them a while to even come out with a generic for Ultram. I get 180 Tramadol 50mg AN/627, per month like clockwork. I take it for post surgical/Chronic Knee pain. Mylan is an Excellent Generic, but the AN/627's are the SAME. The AN stands for ANADOL, which is Tramadol, same chemical make up. If you are in REAL PAIN when you take a Tramadol, or however many you choose to take, it takes more to stop the pain, Tramadol is best used for ongoing pain like Arthritis, as it builds in your system until you are finally numb, but does NOT work as well when you are in ACCUTE pain, like a toothache for instance. It is not the pill that is different it is your pain level that is different I PROMISE. Different pain levels, and different pain alltogether, require different dosages. Hope this helped you....

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anonymous Says:

Some Tramadol is also mixed with Acetaminophen for a stronger effect. If you have been switched from one that is mixed with Acetaminophen to one then is not, even if there is more Tramadol in them, they might seem weaker.

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Dina Says:

The question of generics working as well as non-generics is a long term battle. Give it a chance for a month or so and if it still doesn't relieve your pain have your Dr, rite on the script fill as written (which means no substitutions for generics.)

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Brian Says:

Yes he's right. I was on the Teva generic which not only worked better, doesn't give me the jittery feeling of the AN627, which is Amneal.

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andres martinez Says:

what are they for specificly???

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turtle Says:

tramadol is a pain reliever that is almost like morphine. its used for moderate serve pain or moderate pain.

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Brian Says:

I used Kmart pharmacy and last month got the Caraco brand, they worked just like the name brand. Well I got my refill and when I got home there was those AN 627s, here we go again. I've took 3 with no relief. Why are all these pharmacys going to Amneal tramadol when other generics workk better???

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Brian Says:

I have found out that those of you stuck with the Amnel brand. I broke my pill into 4 equal pieces and the worked a little better for pain. But these make you more jittery than any other generic tramadol I've taken. I've been on probably every generic.

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Brian Says:

Well i called K mart and asked why got the Caraco brand and now I'm on the amneal. They said they got a special deal on the caraco for a brief time, so its all about money. I got word the phe amneals cost a pharmacy an average of 6 cents a piece.

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joe Says:

Iv been taking the oblong tramodol for over a year now..now I recive round pills with 319 on one side.very different in my opinion

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Brian Says:

They are vey different.

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Brian Says:

These are made by Zydus, Joe. They are worse than the Amneal to me. The ones I found to be the most effective are the Teva, whitch CVS and RITE AID carry. A lot of independant pharmacies won't carry it because its higher. I pay the same anywhere because of my insurance. But its not right for people who have to pay cash to get these inferior generics, even though they're cheaper.

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Dover Jason Says:

I was taking Ultram for lower back pain for 8 years. They started out as a long, scored, almost cylinder pill before a couple years in my pharmacy switched to the oblong white ones. When the new round ones came out I ended up having to stop taking them because they were causing my chest to feel very tight and my body to feel unrested constantly. They are definitely made with a different pill filler, same active ingredient. The old ones both worked wonders for my pain but the new ones are definitely sub standard compared. Cheaper is almost never better.

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MelNorth Says:

I don't know what the new prescription you are taking is or why it is not working, but if Tramadol works for you it is not a controlled substance so it is possible to order online without a prescription. I was in a terrible car accident and have had severe pain ever since and I don't like the effect of narchotics so I take Tramadol instead. Hope I've helped some i know what it's like to be in pain. Good Luck!

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brian Says:

I could order online but itss just a dollar with my insurance. I'm just careful now, and always ask the pharmacies what generics they have in stock.

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Jerry Says:

Absolutely Not true . Round is a much weaker medication. oblong is much stronger. No doubt!!

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Lula Says:

I take Tramadol for arthritis pain. AT first I got Mylan brand and put some in a pill pack in my purse. Last month I got a refill and didn't pay attention to them being different but I noticed that they did not help my pain one bit. I took another one still didn't help at all. After examining the pills I noticed that they were marked AN 627. I took one from my purse pack marked with an M and it worked just fine. I don't know about other people but the ANMEAL brand does not do anything for me.

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Kibbles Says:

I can tell you this is not true. I started out taking a generic from another manufacturer which I had been taking for several months which would build up my tolerance, and when I was switched to another brand, it knocked me for a loop. They are much stronger, and I will likely be breaking them in half. I have also heard that the standard manufacturer's must follow is not all that strict in my opinion as they are allowed a variance of 20% in either direction (weaker or stronger.) So in theory, if you start off on a weaker one, 20 percent less effective, and then switch to a brand that is 20 percent more effective, it is almost like getting a double dose! PLEASE BE CAREFUL when your medication is changed to a new manufacturer!

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Tam Says:

Tramadol most certainly IS a controlled substance! Schedule IV

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Clickey Says:

All medicine are made by different companies and some work better than others and Tramadol are the lowest on the narcotic list. I believe they affect your memory and make you forget things. They worked for me the first time i took them back in 2005 after i had cancer surgery, but they don't do anything for my pain now. The doctors wont give me anything else now because they know that I'm a recovering addict for 16 years now so they let me suffer and they have all kinds of proof that i have chronic pain 24/7. They don't give a s***. I need surgery but they say they have to get my sugar under control because I'm a diabetic.

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hugo Says:

Don't take these pills they're probably an opioid or amphetamine antagonist the whole generic drug market is a scam double crossers are skimming the real stuff

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Clickey Says:

I took tramadol with tv on them back in 2005 for my pain for a few years and they worked,but
they don't work now for my shoulder pain.Some brands work different i recently tired Tramadol 50mg
with AN 627 releives my pain it takes a little longer and i take 2 or 3 like you said the VA give these
I think they are better and last longer.

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Treva Says:

If you take one of these pills and it does not ease the pain is it safe to take two of them together?

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Crazy Says:

How min equals to a tab

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michael Says:

just take it for the rest of your life....tramadol is awesome....i take it for OCD

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