White Round Pill 30 One Side Rp On Other

j baldy Says:

do these work as good as the blue mp 30 roxy 30?

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Tracy Says:

These white round pills are reportedly identified as oxycodone 30 mg. Didn't check the manufacturer but they are the same as all other 30mg oxycodones. Now, some say the manufacturer makes a big difference in how the meds work and I have to agree due to my experiences with many of them. Nonetheless, your pills are OXYCODONE.

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Tracy Says:

I suppose this message will make it on here before my previous message.....anyway, your white, round, 30 rp, pill is Oxycodone Hcl 30mg. It is a narcotic which I'm sure you know. It is made by Rhodes pharmaceutical and I would assume would work like the blue ones or any other. It just depends on if you are sensitive to binders and fillers that are also in the med.....or sensitive to oxycodone itself. Hope this helps!

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tucknroll41 Says:

These are awesome! I've had them all and at first I was really sketchy cuz I never saw this brand, however other than being larger white pills they work so much better than most other ones I have prescribed to me. I get M30 as well as a215. And those are the to my pharmacy carries. Now when I got these I tried 1 and I had my pain gone in about 5 to 10 minutes longer before it hit me but when it hit me I was out for 3 hours maybe because I have zero tolerance to that brand Rhodes pharmaceutical makes them. And for years I have m30 or a215 which I still like better because they work excellent and they're small with less fillers. But once I tried One, it hit me harder than a m30 or a215.

And those two brands are the best in my opinion in the market. I woke up this morning and took another of my new rhodes pharmaceutical rp30 and I was out for 2 to 3 hours pain free. I still prefer the whiteish to light blue m30 and a215 but these are perfectly good other than then being bigger, they work just as good if not better I just still prefer my blues and the whiteish m30. Am my pharmacy said they will have the m30 back next month but in order for me to get peoples medication this particular month for whatever reason they were on backorder so like I said do not panic and enjoy these are good. Stay away from Ethix! Refuse them at the pharmacy if you ever are unlucky enough to get those. And go fill somewhere else because they suck and don't take the pain away at all.

But our p with a line separating the R & P on one's side, with 30 on the other side and they are hard pills so have a pill cutter if you only need to take a half of one one day. But don't panic and I hope this helps people to realize if you get these they will kick your butt I've been on the other top brands for 10 years since being operated on several times in my neck and jaw and I have almost no pain with taking these particular pills and a better thing is next month when I go back to my normal a 215 or m 30, my tolerance of those pills will be new again in 28 days so don't freak out people look these pills up they are very good, they just are larger but they work very well and eaten before it just takes about 5 to 10 extra minutes to kick in compared to the a 215 pills and once they kick in you better be sitting down.

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Jack Says:

Have been using oxycodone 30 small blue for pain, Walmart changed to large round white 30 RP and there is no comparison, the whites do practically nothing for pain

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Angela Says:

I need help with this med. I don't have a job or no income an no way to pay for these meds that I have to have.Angela

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Mice Says:

lol strange post. How do you suppose someone to help you? Are you asking for a coupon site or something?

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Misty Says:

Just got rhodes brand 5 mg's two months in a row and they DO NOT WORK . They are junk.

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