White Pill With Round And Only Impint Is L 2

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The pill is round, not flat a little oval , like a flunipam. It has no lines or anything just the writing L 2.

anyone know what it is?

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Motorhead Says:

it is me again. i have not found outanything about this pill. i got this mail asking theese questions:

- Any additional information or experiences since you first posted it?

I have noe experiences since last time i posted.

- What is your geographic location?

I Live in Norway

- Can you be more specific with your story?

Pills was bought on the street on was supposed to be Rivotril (klonazepam) but i probably got ripped off or he gave me the wrong bag of pills.

They are round but not flat. only written on are L 2.

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Verwon Says:

I can't find a listing for this in the prescription drug index, but this does not surprise me if it is a foreign drug, they are not regulated like those in the US.

Does anyone have more information?

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