White Pill With 210 On One Side

Kim Says:

I have a girl here that is white round 210 on one side and on the other side okay and you could you help me please

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Nancy Says:

I have a pill that I forgot what it is and used for. The number is 210 .it is a big white pill.
Looks like an ibeprophen.

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Leon Says:

Amlodipine.. it's your high blood pressure medication

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Kevin Says:

Hello Kim,

I am a little confused on what you mean by "210 on one side and on the other side okay". Does that mean that both sides of the pill have the imprint 210 or does your pill actually have the imprint "okay" on one side.

Assuming it's the prior, I believe that Leon is correct in saying that what you have is an amlodipine which is medication for high blood pressure. I will provide some additional information on this pill. NDC: 67877-198



Label Author:

Ascend Laboratories, LLC





Size (mm):


Inactive Ingredient(s):

- cellulose microcrystalline
- anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate
- sodium starch glycolate type a potato
- silicon dioxide
- magnesium stearate

Just let me know if this is what you have or if you meant to say something else in the pill description. Hope this helps.

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