White Pill P O On One Side And Three Squares On The Other Side
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Heather Says:

I found these pills they are small whte pills. On one side there are three squares, and on the other side there is a p-o. meaning a P on the top and a score across and an O on the bottom part. I am just wondering what they are

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Doctor B Says:

It's Generic Ritalin or most likely some kind of ADD related medication.

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David Says:

Hi Heather,

A pill with this sort of imprint can be a tricky one to identify since you're also trying to describe a logo or symbol with three squares. And because keyboards don't have characters for markings like this, typing the words in a search box isn't always going to yield the most accurate results. So in light of not finding any matching details, I came up with a couple other questions of my own that may help narrow down any further attempts to identify what it may be:

What shape is the pill in question? (i.e. round, oval, oblong, square, etc)

Could the letter "P" mistakenly be construed as something else depending on which way you hold the tablet?

Any additional insight as to what it's "thought to be" based on where it was found?

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