White Pill No Markings Oxycodone

MM Says:

I bought it in Nassau Bahamas. Looks like white round percocet. Line down the middle but has zero markings. Can it be right? He popped it out a blister pack but I didn't get to read it.

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SherryD Says:

Tylenol w/Codeine (#3) is avail in Bahamas w/o × (a local drugstore, in Nassau, for example) & have seen them come in blister pack—

Use caution!!

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David Says:


This really strikes me as being a counterfeit, but without a marking it could literally be anything. I just wouldn't recommend trying it until you have a proven way to verify what it actually is. This may mean that you have to send it off first to be analyzed by a lab for accuracy.

Keep in mind that oxycodone is only available by prescription throughout most places in the world and all the legitimate ones tend to have an imprint of some kind for identification of substance and dosage. Without that, there are too many red flags, if you know what I mean.

I hope this helps!

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YoYo Says:

My neighbor is takes pills she says are oxycodone. They are small white pills with a line in the middle. I have been researching pictures of oxy, but nothing looks like these. any ideas what thes are?

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Leah Says:

If it were me, I would just taste a tiny bit of it.
That's how I would know.
I am clean off of stuff like that know, but used to have to have that stuff before I could even function.
I would remember the taste...
Just sayin' ......

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Bubs Says:

Are there 10 mg oxycodone pills with just a underscore on them?

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