White Oxycodone Pill With 10 On Side And Rp On The Other

karen Says:

My doctor has prescribed me 10 MG oxycodone for last few years due to chronic pain. However, they were always the round pink one's that had HCL on bottle. New one's I got today are white round one's that now say RHO, what's the difference?

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David Says:

Hi Karen,

The round white pill that have R over P on one side and 10 on the other are made by Rhodes Pharmaceuticals.

I haven't found any information on the one's that are imprinted with "RHO", but I get the sense that this could possibly be an abbreviation for Rhodes Pharmaceuticals as well. To be 100% sure, you can contact Rhodes directly at 401-262-9400.

If they do turn out to be the same 10mg oxycodone tablet, I would imagine that any differences would probably be found within the list of inactive ingredients, since this is what tends to change from one pill to the next. Furthermore, rumor has it that generics might contain 20% more or less active ingredients. So these are some things worth taking into consideration upon comparing differences.

On a side note, I've never seen RHO listed after the name of any medication if that's what you're describing in your post? Did you get these filled a licensed pharmacy?

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Vicki Says:

Are the Oxycodone that say RP 10 slow release? I have looked them up and don't know if they are instant release or slow release, as the descriptions I saw did not say which one they were.

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