White Oblong Pill I+ (capital I And A Plus Sign)

Kat Says:

I found a pill on my floor after a "party". No drugs were involved!! I can't find it online it's white oblong blank on one side and I + on the other.(capital i and a plus sign). No other markings and no scores. Please help!

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David Says:

Hi Kat,

Based on the description provided, the only match I found that even remotely comes close is a 200mg Ibuprofen tablet, manufactured by Perrigo. These particular tablets are oblong and white with a capitol "i" followed by a small dash "-" and the number 2 on one side and blank on the other (no score lines either). I realize this doesn't fit your description entirely, however because nothing else comes up with the type of plus symbol that yours has, it is the next closest representation to that.

You mentioned that there were "no drugs" involved at this party. Does this exclude over-the-counter meds/supplements as well?

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NB Says:

Ibuprofen + Codeine from boots

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