White Oblong Pill 176 On One Side Scored On The Other

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Was told that it was a generic hydrocodone 10/325 - any ideas as to who makes it?

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CDH Says:

Strength(s) 10 mg / 325 mg
Imprint(s) 176

Manufacturer / Distributor Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Color(s) White
Shape Elliptical

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Lori Says:

I have been taking norco 10/325 for quite some time due to back injury. I always got the yellow pill until I went to another pharmacy. Now it is a white oblong pill w/176 and scored on other side. Per research this is generic for vicoden. Why does this medicine not work as well as the yellow?

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cwalden Says:

the pill shuold be just as strong cuase its got that same look. the generic ones thqat are not as strong and will be shapped different and say either ip110 or m367. i taqke those their same thing. no dif. their just generic. generif got smart and made them just like yellows now so their takin over. its all in ur head trust me. people say that all time. just like the ip110 the would disolve faster. not the scored 176 ones. their exactly made the same as the yellow norco ones.

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orc Says:

I agree with Lori. And I know my pills.

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Stena Says:

If so many people say it (including myself) why do we have to just believe it?

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JACK Says:


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NuckingFuts Says:

I just got these specific generics for the first time ever and they made me throw up. I've taken vicodin for years and never became sick like this from them. I am a pharmacy tech and I understand generics are the equivalent of brand name but SOMETHING in these made me puke my guts up. Different binders hindering the actual madications effect maybe. I never want this specific brand again. How effective can it be if it makes you so sick, you throw it up and lose any medication that was in it. These SUCK.

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Jama Says:

A white oblong-like shape with 176 on one side and scored on the other is generic Norco (hydrocodone) and it has the 10/325 strength as name brand and it's half life is about 5 hrs. I like the tablet, but I do have to take 2 at once due to exacerbated pain!

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Pablo Escobar Says:

I do not agree with either of you. 10/325 is 10/325 even if you got them from Ten Buck Two. Your problems are like mine. Too much tolerance.. Stop taking them for a few days and you will come back to reality and notice they are the same thing. I have fractured bones in my neck with bone spurs, bilateral nerve root compression, arthritis, disc and joint disease, degenerating bones in my neck,A disc that is almost gone between C5 and C6 along with deteriorating cartilage. This is all progressing very fast and I would not wish it on my worst enemy... Sounds like a lot doesn't it? Well it didnt start out that way. In 2005 all it was was mild arthritis and mild degenerative joint and disc disease... Eventually you will wish you never messed with lortab with any tylenol at all in it. I promise you this much... If you can get your Dr to get you on pain meds without Tylenol such as ocycodone 15 IR... Lortab APAP should be banned from anywhere... Any drug with APAP attached to the name has Tylenol in it. A hydrocodone/acetaminophen, Vicodin, Vicodin ES, Anexsia, Lortab, Lorcet, Lorcet Plus, Norco, Zydone are all forms of the drug Hydrocodone with Tylenol and should be illegal to prescribe anywhere... It does not matter if it is white, yellow, blue, green, or, pink, it's all the same thing unless you are getting duped by your Doctor and he or she is giving you placebos which are fake pills to keep you quiet because if your tolerance is up, it does not matter because you won't know the difference... My name is Pablo in here and I definitely know my pills. I hope this gets to you and you wise up a little and do the right thing like I suggested to somehow hint around about "NO TYLENOL" and possibly get you some oxycodone which by the way, it has several other names itself... Percocet and Roxicet being 2 of the 195 different names for the drug (exaggerated JUST A LITTLE bit)... But Oxycodone is much safer and a little stronger than hydrocodone... But as I said 10 mg is 10 mg no matter who makes it... Good luck and be safe...

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Bonnie Says:

Pablo is right! It is what it is. I had my Dr change me to Oxycontin a year ago because of taking 750/750 for so many yrs and the Tylenol is so bad at that level when you take three at a time. I am now on 60mg of time released Oxycontin 2 times a day and 10/325 Vicodin 3 times a day. I will be on pain medicine for the remainder of my life so I needeed to take the aspiren out due to the damage it will do to my liver. I have shingles everyday and have breakouts every week and sometimes more than ten breakouts at the same time...to work full time with this pain and wearing clothing being so painful I will always be on meds. I may have to rehab at sometime because I'm so afraid of addiction and would assume my body is already addiccted to the Oxycontin. Its a catch 22. I want to live a normal life but I cannot do that being in that much pain. I've gotten off subject..generics have the same strength as non generic, so save your money and get the generic you are not cheating yourself out of anything....!

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condo Says:

The white oblong pill with 176 on one side is a hydrocodine bitratrate is an APAP that has a codine type of med in it?

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Roberts Says:

Same here these aren't Watsons are they

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Dezzer Says:

Your completely nuts if you think hydrocodone is different just because of the amount of Tylenol in them they are the same pill its all in your head hydrocodone is hydrocodone been taking both Lortabs and Norco's for over 10 years as someone suggested take a small break from them and they will begin to work I have to take 30 days off from time to time to make sure I don't have to take so many since I have been on them for years!

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RN Says:


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Scalpel7 Says:

Percocet, Roxicet, anything pretty much with the 'cet' on the name has Tylenol (acetaminophen) in it. Now there's Percodan..etc, that have aspirin in them instead. Then the regular oxycodone that aren't mixed with anything 15mg, 30mg immediate release and OxyContin that are extended release 12 hour pills that come in 10, 20, 40, 80mg pills. Used to be OC 160, OxyContin 160mg but those were discontinued a long time ago, I think cause people were overdosing a lot. That is A Lot of oxycodone!

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RWK Says:

So the yellow 10s imprinted with a v and 3601 are the same as the white ablong ones imprinted with the # 176 on them

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kornni Says:

They are only claiming to have taken the yellow out when in fact they have changed them completely. They took the head changing effect out of them as well. They r supposed to work just as well for pain. But do not give u a head change now. It's just the way it is. Sucks....

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Foggie Says:

Yes the 176 is not made by Norco its corocain?, It does not at all by dosage what the Norco 376 is prescribed for. Have to take more of. Is one company making them not as strong, but still printing 10/325 on prescription?

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Butterbean Says:

I agree with a lot of you about the different in pharma companies. I have severe back pain and have been getting the yellow qualitest 10/325 my drug store didn't have them the other day and went to wa and they filled my script with the m367 mallinkrot. they don't even begin to compare with the yellow ones. Have taken 4 over a 24 hr period and cant even tell I have taken anything. In my opinion a good 600 mg ibuprofen would do better. Wish I had waited on cvs and the yellow ones

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J Says:

I have news for you. There is a BIG difference in name brand and generic. Per a Doctor in Rome Same med different delivery system. How do you think they sell them cheaper? Place a 'one-A-Day' vitamin and a generic vitamin in a glass of water. Wait 24 hours and see the name brand is completely dissolved. The generic just as when put in the water. Different delivery system. Absorbed by the body differently. Try it before you pose as a chemist, doctor or genius!! So tired of know it all's posers.

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Drum55 Says:

Re: J (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Amen !! The ip110 & m367 do not even compare ! Im a chronic back pain patient for many years. The old watson 10mg were the best ! Took my pain away, these iip110's & m367 pills dont even touch it. Nobody will ever tell me diff ! Cant speek for the yellow 10mg- never had em. I have spent many many hrs reseashing this & the way they are made does make a diff. Also, all these pill makers are diff & allowed certain tolerance levels they have to comply with, one can have 80% act ingredient & anthr will put in 90 or 95 %. That was watson. None of these others even come close ! They take full advantage of that 80 % law to make more money ! Its a joke that the fda allows this to happen ! But thats your us gov for you ! Abusers have ruined it for those of us who depend on pain relief to have a quality of life, because now with all these new opiate laws, pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage & cashing in- without care & laughing all the way to the bank. You people who dont notice the diff btwn the old ones & new ones need to wake up ! Massive diff ! & until enough people actually take proper time to " offically " complain to the fda & propper authorities...they will cont making them weaker & get away with it ! So all of us need to fill out propper forms ( you can look them up online & make it official ) & get the ball rolling ! If wete not doing this...our words are worthless !!!!!!

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Kim Says:

Re: Lori (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

There is a very big difference, the pharmacies are trying to cut corners so they get the cheapest manufacture, I’m in the same boat

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Lucky Says:

Hey, Does anyone know which pharmacies carry the white oblong Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen (10/325mg) pill marked "176" in Fort Worth, Texas?

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Joe Says:

Re: Lori (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Is there a chance that the fillers or bonding agents could cause stomach ache? I have noticed since my pharmacy switched brands of stomach ache and general cruddy feeling. I have never had an issue till the switch.

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Legionaire1957 Says:

Re: Pablo Escobar (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Hey Pablo....I thought you were in prison. You got out already? Good for you. You're my hero man.

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Driba Says:

Re: Lori (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I Agree Lori. But The Best Ones I've Come Across are The Generic Flat oval Shaped One. They Are long Acting And You Only Need Half.Eases Pain Without That Groggy Fealing.

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Driba Says:

Yes And The White Pills Make Me Very Drowsy And Dry Mouthed.

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CC Ryder Says:

Re: orc (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I concur with Lori as well. It maybe that you dont notice a difference between the way the yellow makes you feel different than the white one does. Everyone body chemistry is different, there for your body will experience chemicals you put in it differently than the way another (Lori) body does. I'm unsure what the medical term is for this occurrence, but I do know that it happens. Of that makes any sense....

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Joshua Says:

Re: Jama (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I recently got the hydro from a friend with the imprint 176. I liked it. What pharmacy can i get these at?

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Bgatison Says:

I currently take a pill with 176 on it for my pain. Is it Vicodin or Percocet? What is Percocet? If Norco doesn't take away all the pain, is there a better option? I'm tired of fighting the doctor to get some relief from pain with Norco.

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