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Larry T Says:
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I have been on Norco for years . I have used it in conjunction with Roxicodode with great sucess. Now that I have switched to the white version I am having serious problems controling my pain. I don't believe they just removed the dye. This white Norco has become a placebo falling far short of the results I once had. Now I am in scramble mode to find a replacement for the old yellow Norco. Walgreens has told me they have had several calls with other pain patients suffering from the new White Norco. Obviously Watson drug has altered the Norco to increase profits at the patients expense. How surprising. I will update fellow sufferers of the new bad White Norco with an alternative as soon as my Pain Clinic can finda replacement.

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k Says:

PLEASE let me know if u find anything , i have been reading and it seems this is happening w many pain meds ..i found a website who will test the pills to PROVE they r scamming us but it costs $400 i cant afford it. its drugdetection . net if u can please do it or else someone mentioned setting up a donation fund site this needs to be done before these aholes move out of the country. this is bs. i do not have any insurance and CANNOT AFFORD TO get to my dr each month now be in excruciating pain and the pharmacist acts like its all in our heads..lol YEAH WAKING UP IN EXCRUCIATING BACK PAIN IS ALL IN MY IMAGINATION ! BS

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Jenna Says:

Hi Larry T,

Thank you for sharing this information. I did some research and it definitely appears as if many people are having issues with this new white Watson 853 pill. However the issues that people are having aren't all negative, there are some people who have noticed no difference at all or even a stronger difference. Maybe something went wrong with some of the batches? That could explain why some people are experiencing problems and some aren't.

Aside from Watson removing the dye, I have read that they may have removed some of the Acetaminophen due to the damaging effects it can have on the liver. If so, then I presume they would have to change the imprint and let the pharmacies know or they could get into a lot of trouble!

It's hard to know what could be used as an alternative since it's obvious that people are already having different experiences with the medication. Does anyone else have information to share?

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Ann M. Says:

Dear K,
I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. It's not considered life threatening; the doctors are overworked - mine has 1,350 patients- and so it's easy to get overlooked.
I would definitely be willing to help with the cost of the test; in fact I was on the web today, trying to find a lab in my area (San Francisco) that could or would do this. I only hesitate because even if we can prove that the drug has been altered, what then? There is legal action being taken against the Pharma industry constantly, but it takes (usually) a case suit and years! We're hurting now! I'm going to Mt. Zion's pain clinic soonest, to see if there is something else that will provide relief. If I find anything, I'll email you. My email address is {edited for privacy}. Good luck to us both!! Ann M.

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KS Says:

hi it blocked your email address of course..this is bs,. i am running out of time im goin to be thrown out of my apt and my pain is unbearable now since this qualitest norco is CRap! my dr and now since walgreens wont fill my prescriptions anymore the new one charges double for this crap norco and plays the "we do not have this" bs about my ms contin 15 mg rx!so im paying all this money to be BARELY treated for my pain i wish was dead every day i wake up i ask to be killed i am done living like this my meds are almost gone my dr costs me $200 or 235 a month and my meds are $120. i am screwed and if i had enough id take them all right now. my pain is through the roof having to walk to get groceries nwo this week i am starving as i had to use every last cent to pay my elect bill or it would have been shut off today. if someone could test the pills then maybe they can BE SUED! and given the corect meds finally! who cares how long it takes? it would PROVE we are NOT all imagining it. and i know 100% there is NOT 10 mg of hydrocodone in those pills. There are sites that will test them.

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KS Says:

the people who say it is stronger are PROBABLY the pos who work at the pharmacy or the company . this is NOT just one batch! i have let my friend take one and she is never on this kind of med and she felt absolutely NOTHING! nothing besides nausea and hse did have pain at the time which it did NOTHING FOR.! at least if we had PROOF of this bs then these i****s can NO LONGER say its only in our heads!

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HokieFiend Says:
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I feel for you completely KS. I too am in the same boat as you with this defective medication. It is outrageous that the manufacturers are getting away with this. I'm of the belief that either the amount of active ingredients has been drastically lowered or they have adulterated the pills with something that is curtailing the instant release... Transforming it into something like an extended release medication. The people in extreme amounts of pain need breakthrough medication and instant release is what treats breakthrough pain.

If I could afford it, I would have my medication tested. If there is someone in the same boat as everyone else with this medication that can afford to have it tested, please do. There has been a detrimental change to this medication 100%.

I concur about your suspicion that those claiming the medication to be fine or stronger are shills for the manufacturer. It's standard for companies to do this type of thing with any bad press. You'll see the same type of thing on any website reviewing or rating products and services.

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kr Says:

YES! and it is SICKENING! please someone test these so we can all sue these pos!

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Blaze Says:

My pain management Dr stated they are trying to ween out lortab and Vicodin and start using Norco because of the lesser dose of acetaminophen. I have had problems with my liver due to to much in the past so it is a plus. BUT.. I just had my refill and they changed it to oblong white norco and it does not work and does make me sick to my stomach! This was at a small pharmacy so it is not just one pharmacy.. I have a few from my last prescription and have no problem with them! When I go back I will either insure the type they have or go to another pharmacy.. Sadly some people do not have insurance that will cover anything but the cheapest meds. We need to advocate for each other!

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Hurtinforcertain Says:

Same thing happened to me when the YELLOW Watson 853's were changed to white. These yellow Watsons USED to be the best generic available for Norco. I actually got VERY sick from them.

I found out that Watson was bought out out by another company named Activis yet are still using the Watson name and same imprints.

I had to go to name brand Norco which is also made by this new company, but still find less pain relief and a sort of quick, edgy-like effect, but the pain relief is nearly as good as the old yellow generics. Walgreens charges over $300 for a months supply of Norco while their new white generic is around $70. Believe it or not, I have refilled at 2 different Walgreens because of vacation and both of these pharmacies had to "special order" the name brand. This was in 2 different states so no coincidence.

Some people can ONLY get the generic because of their insurance, but if you tell your Dr. about the BAD side effects and little pain relief from the new generics, you may be able to get the name brand with a slight increase in co-pay.

I was going to change pharmacies but getting the real Norco is good enough for now.

For those of you that have insurance which will not cover name brands (or pay out of pocket), I would highly recommend finding a pharmacy that carries Qualitest 3601 (yellow) as they are probably better than the new Norcos.

I have had to be prescribed 10/325's for a decade and have found that the large chains often carry inferior (cheaper?) Mallinkropfts or those IP 110's.

There REALLY is a difference. Walgreens is profitting off Watson's reputation for quality (you really have to read the fine print to even see that they are now mfg'd by Activis while still labeling with Watson name. Shame on them! There must be millions of suffering chronic pain patients because of this. DEMAND Qualitest at least and seriously consider changing to another pharmacy. Often the smaller "Mom and Pop" stores will carry or special order another generic that does work for you.

I hope this helps someone as I found myself bedridden until I found out about this bait and switch scam. God bless you all!

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Hurtinforcertain Says:

Hi KS,
As i stated above, I HAVE PROVEN (with my Drs. help) that the new white (supposedly Watson generic 853 is just enough to keep one out of severe withdrawal.

We used to joke about even the good generics as being "hinder-binders", but these new generics caused me diarrhea (main withdrawal symptom) and they flared up my stomach proven by endoscopy along with causing MUCH muscle pain and headache/nasal burning/dry eyes/double blurred vision. These are all withdrawal symptoms. Probably the usual patient that only takes as needed for a month or so doesn't notice the difference, but all chronic pain patients will definitely know something is VERY wrong. I hope all the returning wounded warrior vets are not getting this crap. You can forget about trying to sue Walgreens or Activis as they are international corporations and have teams of lawyers.

Either get the name brand Norco or go with an honest mfg. like Qualitest which is a cheaper generic that works just as well as the new name brand Norco. Check with the pharmacy BEFORE ordering refill or you will be stuck in agony/bed for another month.

God bless and comfort you. I am telling the truth as a long term chronic pain patient (failed back fusions). I am NOT an addict and am on a lesser amount than when I was first prescribed, but after a decade one does become LEGALLY dependant so this change in formulation really causes big problems. Be proactive and CONFRONT your pharmacist and Dr. about this scam. If enough people report this instead of being scared to complain about a controlled medication, we will get action. All they care about is money, but if people refuse these counterfeit meds they will have to bring them back up to par.

They are being fraudulant by still calling them Watsons when, in fact, they are made by Activis. Evidently, they bought the Watson trade-name and are raking in the $$$ because of the real Watson quality reputation which took generations to build up. Shame on Activis for doing this with an obvious "sweetheart" deal with Walgreens.

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blessedforlife1954 Says:
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Hi I just recently got norcos in 7.5 mg. and was getting 7.5 lortabs. but the norco seems a lot stronger To me. I have just found out that watson makes norco. I have had No problem so far. Maybe It's only some but they should stop selling them.

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Jay Says:
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In response to K's reply.... You can save the $400 and go to any smoke shop in America and buy a testing kit for drugs. I've actually used a couple of them.

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ckkrista Says:

Hi there, I am just now reading your out and curious to know what you may have found out about the Watson 853 Norco tablets. I have been in chronic pain for 20+ years but I am weaning off narcotics but I'm still using them. I do notice that the effects of this generic I have been in chronic pain for 20+ years but I am weaning off narcotics but I'm still using them. I do notice that they are not as effective. I take them now a half tab at a time. Curious to know your outcome on this med. Thank You.

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ckkrista Says:

Hi there, I am just now reading about your probs with Watson brand and possibly testing it. I am curious to know what you may have found out about the Watson 853 Norco tablets. I have been in chronic pain for 20+ years but I am weaning off narcotics but I'm still using them. I have been in chronic pain for 20+ years but I am weaning off narcotics but I'm still using them. I do notice that they are not as effective. I take them now a half tab at a time. Curious to know your outcome on this med. Thank You. Sorry for the typographical errors in the previous post.

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