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I got ran over by a snapper riding lawn more when i was 3 years old i have had 31 operations it cut half my foot off my heal all the way to my heap they wanted to cut it off my mother didn't let them do it they took the lap muscle out of the left side of my back an put it on as a heal an i have a skin graf on my left leg for the next 30 years i had 30 operations I've took pain meds all my life then about 3 years ago i got osteomilolts (sorry its a disease that eats the calcium out your body) it got in. my bones it was very very pain full to make a long story short after about a year an a haft of not letting the cut it off it got to the point do it or it get n blood stream an possible die now during all this time I'm on pain meds at one time i was on 200mg mophine 3 times a day an 2 20mg roxys every 4 hours so i let them cut it off about a year ago at the ankle because the osteomialitis ( sorry not good at spelling) was in my joint were my foot wounld bind it was very pain full an now I'm working my way down on my meds i take 3 30mg morphine an 6 30mg roxys a day i just got my meds filled last mouth an they gave my this white rp 30 big white pills an last mouth i ran out about 3 or 4 days early an was going throw withdraws an just today i got my meds filled again an they gave me the same roxys they really suck i don't care what the pharmaceutical companys say they are not as good at keeping me regulated so i can have some what of a life i have a 4 year old little boy i raised him by myself i took him home from the hospital an raised him alone up to he was 2 an a half he's mother had a red flag on her with dss in the hospital when he was born an i was not married to her so dss tryed to take my son only son from me needless to say that was not going to happen i got him n my custady an took him home an raised him up to2 an half an than i had to have the operation an now my mother thank god is taking care of him because dss thinks i can't because I'm disabled an is on this meds an now this new white 30s are not no were nere ther same an i can't change pharmacys because of the contract if i run out to early i have very very severe withdraws an can have a stroke at any time i have speals were i just wake up on the floor my mouth hurting from were i bit my side lip an tongue someone plz tell me what i can do to get my old blue 30s back not this rp 30s made byRhodes Pharmacevticals they are not the same someone is lying it cant be the same amount of oxycodone in it no matter what they if they say both have 30mg of oxycodone than why can i take a half of a blue 30mg oxycodon an have to take a hole rp 30mg pill see it makes me look like I'm falling backward an not trying to not take as many but it is the pills an makes me look bad to my doc an to dss when im trying to domy best to drop down to a lower dose so i can still live a quality life an play with my child an do things with my life i have come down in 2 years from 3 200mg morphine a day an 6 40mg roxys a day to 3 30mg morphine a day an 6 30mg roxys aday but with these rp white 30s i don't no what to do can someone just tell me what i can do thanks sorry if some of the spelling is wrong I'm 35 years old just some words like osteomialitis . spelling)

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Hello, Bassman! How are you? I'm very sorry that you're in pain.

Unfortunately, there's no way to make a pharmacy provide you with any particular generic. However, what you could do is ask your doctor about prescribing it as brand name only, so they can no longer give you a generic and this problem would be avoided.

The FDA classifies this medication as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

I'd also like to address the 'spells' you're having, where you say you wake up on the floor having bitten the inside of your mouth or tongue, because that sounds like you might be having seizures. Untreated, those could be dangerous, especially if you have your child around, so you need to inform your doctor, so they can check it out.

Does anyone else have any advice or ideas?

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Just change Pharmacy , different pharmacies carry different generic pills . Ask them if they have the blue ones if they don't , go somewhere else period I'm sorry about your pain

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Her post was from over 2 years ago but she was contractually obligated to have her Rx's filled at the same pharmacy where dss could monitor her narcotic intake as a result of prior issues with said agencies. Sadly, This type of restrictive monitoring has become common place but with this epidemic of opiate and opioid abuse any untoward activity can flag a patient as drug seeking.Especially if the amount of CSN's appear excessive on the patients profile.

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What is a CNS that would flag a pharmacy? I don't understand the terminology. Please explain?

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Was your accident on re 7?

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