Whether A Medical Practitioner Can Prescribe Ofloxin Suspension For A 2 Year Old Child

saikat chakraborty Says:

A child spcialist has precribed Ofloxacin Suspension (Xintof) for my 2 yrs. Old child who had been suffering from acute cold.As far as I know, this drug has been banned in the US for its severe side-effects.But how come it is being precribed in India?

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dishank Says:

hey plz dun giv tht medicine
actually i m nt a doctor bt
i suffered frm entric \viral infection fever for 15 dayz
and then waz hospitalised for 6 dayz
thn my docter gave meh tarivied 400 mg ie:ofloxin tablets
seriously tellin if had worst side effect on meh
4 months diarrohea sumtymz even blood in stools ,hyper acitity, numbnes in some parts of body :(

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nilofer Says:

A child specialist prescribed zenflox 100mg 3 tab a day for my 10yr old girl for high fever the next day she had loose stools 3 times in one hour. Can I continue this medicine or discontinue it for I am worried that I was told not to discontinue the antibiotics. Kindly Doctors who read my querry pls answer.

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Kerri Knox, RN Says:

Ofloxacin is in a class of antibiotics known as Quinolone Antibiotics. These antibiotics have been banned in the United States for children for their potential to cause tendon, cartilage, joint and muscle problems and the FDA found that these problems were too risky to give this drug to growing children.

It would be prudent to ask your doctor for an alternative antibiotic to any of the Quinolones, as it is simply too risky to give them to children.

Kerri Knox, RN
San Francisco, CA, United States

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