Where Can I Find Teva Adderall Localy

Becky Says:

I take teva brand (the orange 30mg), quantity 90. I live in wilson nc. The pink and the white ones make me sick. Where's the closest pharmacy from me?

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JD Says:

Do you have a Walgreen's. That is were I get mine. However their is a huge difference in their quality from the ones from the original manufacturer Shire, but those are only XL version. If you can get Sandoz brand I would go with them for IR.

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NxB Says:

If your insurance offers it, I would try their mail-order pharmacy over any big box stores without a second thought to it... Given they are mostly former/current wholesale companies who've gone retail via mail order (or they're as big as the wholesale providers so are less expensive & have more inventory), they give good quality generics I've found so far (about a year using them now) & my provider lists all the brands they have available for each medicine I take, with prices for each brand so that I may decide what brand generic I want to get (or if it's still made by the original company, I'm able to get non generic meds too- just Adderall isn't produced anymore by the brand name company). My insurance it's partnered with OptumRx & they've been dispensing Teva brand Adderall to me consistently for a while now- delivered to my door on time, every time & all for a lower cost for a 90 day (not 30 day) supply than that same generic drugs at the big box stores around here. Also I like my mail pharmacy provider, because for any meds which still have brand name options, by requesting my doctor to write dispense as written scripts, I'm able to ensure that I get the exact brands I want. Because the neighborhood stores work with wholesalers who subsidize one brand for higher profits while they essentially tax the other brands which don't make them as much money, your local pharmacy is at their mercy as far as what generic brands they can get. However, bc these web-based pharmacies are all either former/current wholesalers or process enough medicine that they're able to get wholesale pricing, I've found that I get better quality generics (like the Teva Adderall) without the headache of waiting for my pharmacy to get inventory of whatever cheapest generic brand they can find, or needing to ask my physician to stipulate what brand I want. In fact, my provider usually let's me choose from several available brands, all of which cost less than at the retail stores & if there's still a brand name being produced of the medicine I need, if I want it, I ask my Dr to write DAW (dispense as written) on my scripts & I get the original medicine if it's still made- provided I want to pay the extra price. Regardless, I've found that thru the web-based pharmacy, I'm getting better generics of all my meds more easily, always on time (not ever out of stock) & usually at a much lower price than all my neighborhood stores. So while my pharmacy (OptumRx) gives me Teva Adderall automatically, I'd check to see if your insurance has a web-based, mail-order pharmacy option anyways- it's cheaper & you're not at the mercy of a wholesaler's price fixing scheme to get the brands of medications that you want. This ensures that you're able to get the best effects from the higher quality meds available & if your mail-order provider gives you the same, poor quality generic, you've at least paid probably ½ of the price at your local store. Even if the provider doesn't offer the brand name drug or a few generic options to consider, given all the times I've waited up to a week for my medications to be ordered/filled by the local big box pharmacies for me, I'm a big advocate for these mail-order pharmacy options- for medicine quality, price paid & never dealing with inventory issues.

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Liz Says:

Where did you get the white ones ? Those work for me . The orange doesn’t and I’m stuck with a 3 week supply :(

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Jeno712003 Says:

Download the app Goodrx or use their site for discount coupons for Adderall. You have to type in if you are IR or XR, your dosage, your zip or city and state, how many pills you get, and another thing or two. It will do the searching for you and display about seven pharmacies in order of price. Choose one and call and ask them which generic they dispense BEFORE you get it filled to make sure you want that. Print out your coupon or use the app (show them) and you're good to go. Often cheaper than insurance. If you choose a Costco, you don't need to be a member.

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