When Will The Bleeding Stop After Taking Krimson 35

Nafisa Says:

I am taking krimson 35 as my doctor suggested. Earlier i took yamini but since my period did not completely and brown spotting was observed so she replaced yamini with krimson 35. I am taking medicines strictly as per prescribed. But after taking krimson 35 i am observing brown spotting along with red spotting still on 8th day of my periods. I am having hormonal problems so she suggested me these medicines. Without these medicines my periods are completely normal. When will my periods come back to normal after taking krimson 35? I am having lactose intolerance too so i am taking meds related to this too. Is there any possibility that lactose related medicine and krimson are contradicting? I am confused please help!!

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Verwon Says:

What other medications are you taking?

Brown blood is actually old blood, according to NIH studies, it's what wasn't discharged during a prior period. Krimson is listed as possibly causing side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, weight changes, and irregular bleeding.

If you had regular periods, then why are you taking this for hormonal problems?

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Mrinalini Says:

I discontinued krimson 35 after 5 days and I observed I started bleeding ! Is everything okay with me?

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