When Does Loestrin 24 Become Effective?

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anonymous Says:
I started loestrin 24 on the 5th day of my period and would like to know how long until it is effective. The nurse practitioner said one full packet of pills but that conflicts with almost everything else Ive heard or read.
Any advice/opinions/info appreciated.

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Crystal Says:
Loestrin 24 (active ingredients Ethinyl Estradiol + Norethindrone Acetate) is different with everyone. Some cases are 14 days and other cases are one month. With most birthcontrols it is recomended to use other forms of birthcontrol during the first month (ie condoms).

In my opinion I would still use protection while taking Loestrin 24 for at least a month, better safe than sorry.

Do you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I would be happy to help.

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nat Says:
i have been on loestrin 24 fe for now alomost 2 months & 2 weeks. i engaged in unprotected TWICE on my 5th white (active) pill of this month (third packet). he ejactualted both times inside me. should i be okay? i take my pills everyday between 8:59pm and 9:03pm. should i be ok?

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emmaj Says:
I had protected sex and I just Loestrin 24. Am I okay? or will I get pregnant? I'm 18-I don't want to be pregnant.

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J W B Says:
The Web MD website as well as the leaflet for thus drug says For the first cycle of use only, use an additional form of non-hormonal birth control (e.g., condoms, spermicide) for the first 7 days to prevent pregnancy until the medication has enough time to work. If you start on the first day of your period, you do not need to use back-up birth control the first week. -So you should be okay after 7 days, as long as you have taken the pill every day at the same time.

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dc Says:
I've been on loestrin 24 for 14 days. I had unprotected sex on on 15th day. I've been taking the pill for the most part with in like 30min the same time. I'm okay?

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lolo Says:
I had an abortion and they gave me birth control n startd takin it that sunday after my abortion on friday. I had sex the next week n he ejacukated in me. Am I pregnant now? I've taken the pill everyday at the sametime

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plh Says:
I am started Loestrin 24 this month. I am taking the third brown pill today, and I have no sign of my period. I had unprotected sex last friday and he ejaculated in me. I started taking Loestrin 24 the first day of my period. So, if anyone can help, thank you.

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kayhannah Says:
okay so like all of you i am on loestrin 24. i started loestrin 24 after my abortion which was august 7 2010 im 17, i dont need the judgement i lost my virginity this year also still at the age of 17 should have been much smarter but thats not the point right now cause thats my own personal issue im jst trying to make you ladies feel not alone in this situation wel anywho loestrin has really helped me alot not only allowing me to prevent another pregnancy but keeping me safe ladies there is other consiquences to unprotected sex diseasea are everywhere and it can happenen to anyone so if your worried about being pregnant then you also should be worried about other things as well like an STD something that can change your life forever the pill is helping us with one thing its our responsibility to protect ourselves from the rest so lets double the protection by using condoms to because you cant tell if a person has aids because most of the time there is no signs nd im 98.9 % th at there not going to tell not only because there selfish and want to ruin your life but because 99.9% they dont even know they have it ! i dont know about you guys but i made a mistake which actually scared the F*** out of me thats was losen my virginity and becoming preganant now i only had sex with one person but so what it could have only took that one time.everyday i think like what if i have an std or hiv or something and i pray because even though i got a test and everything is negative and they same im okay who knows so ladies lets use protection (CONDOMS TOO) not only the pills nomore ejaculating in your precious body let him ejaculate in that plastic thing and dispose. there is A TIME FOR EVERYTHING and you still have a life ahead of you! lets finish school, without a baby and having to stay and the house and babysit lets graduate without having to take all these medications for some type of disease or std, lets make it without rumors going around(you guys know wh at rumors im talking about) come on ladies lets graduate and make it through get married and have children have a FAMILY no struggling because with a diploma and college degree you can and will go far...and i dont mean to come on here preachn like a pastor or mother or father im just a teen who have made 2 very big mistakes and im not afraid to say it LOST VIRGINITY.....PREGANANCY....AND HAVING TO TERMINATE MY CHILD thats something thats going to be with me forever, but i have to just thank god that im still healthy and my mom has held my had through everything-signed a growing teen

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Carol007 Says:
I never used any form of birth control before. I am trying to conceive for the a few months already. I went to a fertility doctor because I am desperate to have a baby. I am 37th years old and have normal bloodwork and ultrasound. I asked the doctor for IVF, but I changed my mind and I want to give my body a few more chance to conceive on its own. The doctor gave me a birth control prescription (lestrogen 24 FE, 1 mg) for twice a day before starting the IVF to control my body from ovulating. I only took 2 pills yesterday which is day 4th of my cycle. Since I changed my mind, will those 2 pills affect my normal ovulation and hormones for this cycle????? PLEASE ANYONE HAS AN ANSWER? THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!

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Vanessa Says:
i stared using loestrin 24 the first day i started my period which was on a monday. on thursday and friday i took the pill later than what i was supposed to. i was taking other antibiotics because i was sick with the flu. on that saturday night i had unprotected sex and he ejaculated at least 3 times inside me. i took the pill just one day after and stopped taking them since then, and i started to spot for the rest of the week. ive been really tired, and havent been able to sleep on my stomach side. ive thrown up about two times. should i be worried that i might be pregnant??

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Vanessa Says:

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SK Says:

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private Says:

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Laura Says:
Yes, it CAN cause acne. However, not in every woman. For me, it cleared mine up.
I'm a skin care professional, so i'm going to give you a few tips on how to get rid of that stuff.
Go to an organic grocery store (whole foods or something like it) and get a green tea or white tea or tea tree bar soap (without sulfates preferably). wash with that everyday. Also, sometimes usuing a humidifier when you sleep will help bring oxygen and blood flow to your skin, allowing the lymph (the substance that carries nutrients to your organs and flushes out toxins from the body) to flow to your skin and help heal it. Also, eating foods that are rich in antioxidants will help as well, because antioxidants are what fight free-radicals which cause your skin to break out due to bacteria. Blueberries, dark chocolate, white tea, green tea (also good for a body cleanse if you're trying to drop a few lbs). Now, if you want a quicker fix...go to your local walgreens and get some cortisone cream (make sure it's cream and not ointment), and after you shower, moisturize your face with that. It is a topical steroid (dont let that word scare you) that speeds up the healing process. DO NOT SCRUB YOUR FACE. a very light exfoliation, like from a warm wash cloth when you're washing your face everyday, is fine.

Something I did for one of my clients one time: she came in with REALLY bad acne (we're talking pizza face). None of the products i had were working for her. So i went to the store and bought some organic cocoa powder. I mixed it with warm, brewed white tea (which teas also act as an astringent for cleaning the skin as well and a toner! PLUS!). I made it into a paste. After 3 sessions of doing that during her treatments, her skin started clearing up. I gave her the stuff to do it at home, she came in 2 months later with almost perfectly clear skin and happy as could be. Because cocoa is a rich source of antioxidants, and it's natural.

Hope this helped :)

-Laura Elisabeth

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Sis Says:
I'm almost to the end of my 2nd cycle of lo loestrin fe and I frickin hate it. Lo loestrin made my existing acne worse than it's ever been in years. Not only do the existing papules take longer to heal, but new ones pop up everyday. My chin is disgusting, and it's never happened like this to me before until I got on the lo loestrin. I'm calling my obgyn tomorrow morning because I can't take large red pus bumps upon more large red pus bumps. It's made me very depressed and frustrated. I was originally put on lo loestrin because I had heavy, painful periods. My periods HAVE gotten lighter but it's not worth the mess that has broken out all over my chin and jawline. Hopefully, the doctor can prescribe me another birth control that won't aggravate my acne.

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First timer Says:
Hi this is my very first time using birth control. I started my last period on 5/22/11 I went to the doctor on the 24th of May, which I was on my cycle at the time and she said tho start them the following sun. So I had unprotected sex on the 6day and still contiued to have unprotected sex. Can I be pregnate I have had many diff symptoms as far as lower back pain nausea , lower abdominal pain, tired, bloating, cravings.

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Sammy J Says:
I haven't gotten my period yet but I want to start taking the pill today since it's a sunday and I am really anxious for this to start working. Is it okay if I take the pill before I get my period again?

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Sis Says:
My obgyn has always told me to start the sunday after my period starts but when I explained to her I'd forget to start the pills if I got my period on Wednesday and would have to wait til Sunday to start. She said I could start on the first day of my period whenever that was. I think doctors say to wait until your period comes so that you know for sure that you aren't pregnant before you start the pills. If you are already pregnant and take birth control pills, it could complicate things. I'd wait til your period started just to be safe.

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flower girl Says:
i was wondering when it is safe to have unprotected sex on Loestrin24 fe?? i just finished my first pack. i just took my second pill in the second pack is it now safe to have unprotected sex?? thank you

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john Says:
my girl friend and i had protected sex and the condom broke. she was taking the pill for a week before her period and then she had her period and then she became off of her period and was back on the pill for 2to3 day sbefore this happened... she went pee imediately after i discovered that the condom was broken... she said nothing came out.... also i am not even sure if i ejaculated...

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