Whats The Shape And Color And Imprint On Zolpidem

rippi Says:

whay do the zolpidem pills llok like and how many shud i take the first time?

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Verwon Says:

You should follow your doctor's prescribing instructions, which is usually just 1 tablet.

As to what they look like, there are many generics on the market and they all have different imprints, so I cannot possibly list a description of all of them with their imprints.

However, if you post back with the markings from the tablet in questions, I will gladly check for you to see what it is.


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Ashley Simpsen Says:

white pill small oblong on side says 93 other says58

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patricia Says:

Are ther any purple colored zolpidem tartrate 10mg pills? And are they any good an who manufactors them and where are they out of if any one can help thanks

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