What Will Happen If I Forgot To Take Clindamycin On Time?

melody Says:

i use it to treat MRSA. Clindamycin 150 mg. i am on my 5th day course now. But i forgot to take it on time. It´s just like two hours delayed. i should have take it 5pm but i remembered it 7pm already. Is there a big chance that i will be resistant/or the bacteria will be resistant to that antibiotic? what should i do?

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Verwon Says:

No, if the different was only 2 hours or so, there really shouldn't be any problem, at all.

Even when being used to treat MRSA, antibiotics don't have to be taken at precisely the exact same time, the object is really just to keep them consistently in your body, so taking them a little later or earlier is fine.

Learn more Clindamycin details here.

There were many cases were people misunderstood and though that the dosing had to be completely precise and they would wake their children up in the middle of the night, or set an alarm for themselves to make sure they took it right when they were supposed to, but that is actually not necessary.

It's really just to make sure you take 3 times a day, or 2 times a day, or whatever it's prescribed, but unless you have a medication that specifically says to take it every 6 hours, every 8 hours, or what have you, then it isn't necessary to be exacting about it.

How bad is your infection?

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DarkSilence Says:

Most prescription drug companies will add or coment in there leaflet if you forget a dose take it imidiately and continue the coarse as normal... It wouldnt take a bateria like mrsa up to 456 hrs to renom resistant so dnot panic... Also foods that contain high doses of garlic also aid in the irradication ot this bacteria.

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Copper Says:

How long does it take for restil .25 mg to start acting to induce sleep ?? How many hours before going to be do u need to take it

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