What Pharmacy Carries Qualitest Norco Yellow

rick Says:

What pharmacy carries qualitest norco (yellow pills) in Arlington, TX?

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Chubbs Says:

If someone knows please respond. I am looking for a pharm that carries them too in the DFW

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Viper Says:

I live in Lubbock tx I take Norco 10/325 they are the yellow ones the only pharmacy I found that carry them is raff & hall (rexall) if that helps you.

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Bruno Says:

Generic hydrocodone 10/235 mg yellow/ produced by Qualitest phamrmaceuticals which pharmacy in Montgomery Al has these?

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Jojo Says:

Rick, did u ever find them? I live in ft worth and Walgreens only give you Watson brand. I'm scared to say anything because I'm might be put on the LIST! Lol. Let me know plz

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Jack Says:

If looking for yellow H.E.B carrys them here in corpus

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Roro Says:

Do you not have a phone...call around and ask. I have not been refused an answer when i have called and asked if a pharmacy carried them..... but qualitest was bought by par pharmaceuticals.... some stores still use qualitest name and some use par name, but beware par also has a plant in NY that makes white norco. The yellows are made in alabama... Good luck.

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Yellow Says:

What pharmacy has yellow 10 3.25 norcos in East Los Angeles area california?

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Nikko Says:

Do they still carry yellow at HEB in corpus?? If so which one?? I'm moving here and would like to know where to send my script to.

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roro Says:

i think being a narcotic you will need to hand deliver your script ---- best plan is to call and ask --- qualitest was bought by par so some stores use par and some use qualitest ---- so i would ask them if they have the yellow made in alabama by qualitest distributed by par --- but beware par also has a place in ny that makes whites that for me are not near the quality ---- good luck

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Nessa Says:

Thank u but i live n Norman Oklahoma and we don't have that pharmacy here. What pharmacy in Norman Oklahoma carries yellow Norco tens? I need to fill my prescription by tomorrow before lunch or I will be out.

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Chaos 101 Says:

I'm looking for a pharmacy in Lodi, Ca that has yellow norcos 10/325. Anyone know? The white ones don't work as well.

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Curious Says:

Re: Roro (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Im not sure where you call, but they won't Answer if they have yellows or not over the phone. They barely answer when you go in to a pharmacy

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Ditto Says:

I live in the Gilmer Texas / Longview Texas area looking for a pharmacy that carries the yellow 10/325 norcos, by qualitest.

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Roro Says:

Re: Curious (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Well it must be in the way you ask or come across..... i have called many times and only had 1 say that wouldnt give info over phone .... then changed wording at later time & turned out they didnt carry them .... most likely if they wont say if you ask properly they dont carry what you are asking for

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Nobody Says:

Re: Ditto (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Elliotts pharmacy in Lindale ya carries qualitest yellows

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Inki Says:

I thought I was the only one that felt a difference between the Qualitest Norco 10/325 and the other manufacturers. I have degenerative disc disease and have taken the Qualitest pill off and on for ten years. Now I find I can no longer get it. So, I tried calling Qualitest and was informed that they have been sold to a company called Par Pharmaceuticals. I called them and was told to call some distributors in the Chicago area. I’m am still working on it and will post when I find something out. I’m furious with low-life drug dealers who ruin things for us that have legitimate pain.

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Inki Says:

Re: Inki (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

After a great deal of calling pharmacies around the Chicago area, I found them at an independent pharmacy in Mt Prospect which is a suburb of Chicago. The pharmacist was very knowledgeable and helpful. So, you may want to check smaller independent pharmacies and not the big chain locations.

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Busylady Says:

Re: Inki (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

I too live in Illinois. Would you be able to share the name?

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Billie Says:

You're lucky to get anything filled nowadays I had friends the other day that had to go to for pharmacies to get there pain medication they're making criminals out of it at makes me sick because most of us that are taking this garbage need to take it

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Jan Says:

Re: Chubbs (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

You won't find the yellow ones anymore. There are no pharmacys that carry them. Not even the hospitals. They are the only ones that work, I could even split them inn half and got relief. But aurobindo are made in India and I actually got ill every time I took one. I filled out a FDA reaction sheet. So I no longer have to take them.... my pharmacy got the message. Google Aurobindo... you'll see all sorts of bad reactions. As far as the yellow hydrocodone.... the government took over that because they have made this horrendous campaign against any opioid. So they are slowly stopping the production.

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